Evidential mediums, psychic readers, intuitive life coaches, offering intuitive guidance,
spirit portraits, and education on spirituality, grief, mediumship, and consciousness.

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Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders are Continuity of Life. We work together as well as independently as mediums, psychics, spiritual life coaches, and educators. We are here to provide practical help and support for your knowledge and understanding that can transform the fear of death and heal the pain of loss.

People come to us when they need clarity on their relationships, grief and loss, career and finances as well as with questions concerning their spiritual progression. With our abilities as evidential mediums, psychics, tarot reading,  tandem dialogue with spirit, and as life coaches, we offer you something positive and beneficial. We understand that the consciousness of an individual lives on after the transition called death, and provide for you clarity, comfort, connection, closure and continuity.



People seek out psychics when questions arise for which they have a hard time seeing solutions. When you are deep within a situation it is easy to become blinded by the emotions. So whether you are concerned with a current love relationship or if you are having family difficulties, consulting a psychic or a spiritual life coach often offers you the clarity you need to sort things out. Psychic readings work with your energy and universal energy for you and your life situations.


Spiritual Life Coaching offers you the tools you need to create the life experience you desire through communication, insight, and understanding. We can give you some insights as to what direction aligns most with your essence with heartfelt, honest and genuine perspectives. When we work with our clients we encourage people to search within to reveal the answers they seek and to live in the now. 


Seeking a medium in times of grief or loss can give closure when your are concerned about a loved one in spirit. Often times we just need to know that they are okay. Mediumship is keenly unique for finding that closure. Our compassionate approach offers the opportunity to discern for yourself the well-being from a loved one in spirit. We offer evidential mediumship (messages from loved ones in spirit) in hopes of providing continuity, comfort, closure, and connection.

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