Thanks for stopping by. We are Lori Marshall & Mark Sanders.

Welcome to Continuity of Life, a place where you can come to find clarity, comfort, connection, closure and continuity.

Continuity of Life is here to work with you to help you understand your role in life, to assist in finding answers to your questions all the while providing guidance along your path to discovering your potential. In doing so it is our hopes that along the way we are helping to creating a more compassionate and enlightened world.

Every person you meet has something to teach you, as much as you have something to teach them. This philosophy exchanges knowledge and empowers each of us to enrich the world with understanding and wisdom.

You have a question, so ask… We’re here to help.

Here, at Continuity of Life, we work with consciousness. We are adept at discerning the subtle energies that surround us all. We work as MediumsPsychicsEducators, and Life Coaches. When you need guidance on a life path decision, when you seek an understanding concerning your relationships, or if you find yourself  grieving for a loved one who has made their transition, we are here for you.



What does Continuity of Life mean?

It is the understanding that consciousness continues after the change called death. It is our belief that life here in the physical realm is temporary, and the essence of what makes a person unique is not lost upon that transition.

Consciousness is consciousness in the physical or the non-physical. With this in mind we must learn to become more empathetic towards all living beings and create a more meaningful experience.


Life Coachs, Mediums, Psychics & Spiritual Educators

What we do

Intuitive Life Coaching

Relationships, life, well-being, consciousness, grief, and beyond, we would love the opportunity to support you. Each session is uniquely centered to your personal needs at the time. With coaching we will explore ways to open […]


A mediumistic reading is a three way conversation involving the communicator in spirit, the medium and you, the sitter. The term Medium refers to a mediator or in other words a go-between for you and those who made their transition from the physical […]

Vegan Lifestyle Coaching

A Vegan Lifestyle Coach works closely with YOU to help  set goals and make a plan for you to Go Vegan! What ever your reason for going Vegan, if it’s for the animals, for your health or […]

Greyhound Rescue, Fostering & Activism

Greyhounds are Greyt We work closely with national and international Greyhound activism. We are dedicated to creating a more compassionate world and have aligned ourselves with many organizations to eliminate the cruelty Greyhounds are subjected […]

Animal Liberationists

CARNISM IS A CORE BELIEF SYSTEM THAT HAS TO BE UNDERSTOOD TO OVERCOME. Carnism is a social justice issue that is just now, for the first time in 40k years of human evolution, coming to […]