Continuity of Life is the understanding that all beings on this planet share the same sense of awareness of self and that this consciousness and it's experience extends beyond the transition called death. We are all beings of conscious energy.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, IT can only transform.

IT can exist in many forms… not just human. All animals share this space with us, as do our loved ones whom’s energy has transformed out of the physical world.

This concept of the Continuity of Life is simply an expression to put into short terms the nature of the continued existence of individual sense of self. Life does in fact continue after the transition called death. Consciousness to consciousness communication is a well documented reality with those in Spirit, with each other and with or fellow Earthlings. We can all do it.

At Continuity of Life, we offer you Clarity, Comfort, Connection, Closure andContinuity. Be it through Mediumship, Intuitive Readings, Life Coaching, or Vegan Lifestyle Coaching, we can help.

What our clients are saying about us

I want to thank you for your reading after my momma left. It was integral in getting a hold on my sanity long enough to begin the journey forward through the hell. I’ve come to three months of grieving in about 10 days. I’m ready to go forward now.

~ Angelica K

“I have sat with Lori many times and have found her evidence astounding at times. Wonderful connection with SPIRIT, and her accuracy is great. She constantly brings through things she could not possibly know; or even discover by normal investigative means. A wonderful experience.”

John St.Clair

When you are ready, we are here.

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