The feeling of peace and reassurance that comes with the realization of the continuity of life truly helps to free ones spirit. Continuity of life is the understanding that the spirit of an individual survives beyond the transition called death. That each of us is a divine, immortal and transcendent being. The statement “You are a spiritual being having a human experience” seems iconic, yet holds true taken from this perspective.

Experiencing the continuity of life through Evidential Mediumship is perhaps one of the most potent transformative moments we have the privilege to witness in our clients expressions. The Empowerment that comes with losing the fear of impermanence helps you to achieve a richer more fulfilling life.

At Continuity of Life we offer you Clarity, Comfort, Connection, Closure and Continuity. We can help you create the best you that you can be, through Intuitive Life Coaching, Evidential Mediumship, Psychic Advisory Services, & Spiritual Education.

In addition to these healing arts, we offer community outreach programs through events such as: The Conversation, Conscious Aging, Spirit Speaks and Death Café.

Services & Rates

Services & Rates

With our combined talents as Mediums, Intuitives, and Psychics, we offer a wide range of options. We are here to bring comfort, support and guidance to assist you along your meaningful life path. We offer Life Coaching, Phone, Skype, eMail, and in person… ...

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Enlightening Content:

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    STORY: Death Cafes give people a safe place to discuss end of life decisions By CARRIE SEIDMAN  – 9/14/2014 Herald-Tribune Photographer  Rachel S. O’Hara On a blazing summer afternoon, cars vie for the few shaded parking spots outside Radiance of…
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    Given the understanding of The Art of Manifestation it should be pointed out that if one does not look for, or cannot recognize Road Signs that show you are on the right path… you will never see your manifestations come…
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    A friend of mine named Su on Facebook invited me to do a 5 day gratitude exercise. My first thought was, “wow” I am grateful that I popped into her head!” and then I thought about how even though I…
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    When we dream, we dream in cycles. What I received from spirit concerning this question is that we have three stages, as we are a three part being. Mind, Body, Spirit we are. We sleep a full third of our…
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    As many know the body is, at its most basic level, simply energy. And as such it has a process through which this energy is cycled and reused. In eastern mysticism energy is often referred to as the Chi, while…
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    What are the main reasons people can’t seem to develop their intuitive abilities? The short answer is disbelief, resulting from a lifetime of cultural conditioning. This is a major hurdle for some to get past as many may have to…

What our clients are saying about us

I want to thank you for your reading after my momma left. It was integral in getting a hold on my sanity long enough to begin the journey forward through the hell. I’ve come to three months of grieving in about 10 days. I’m ready to go forward now.

~ Angelica K

“Mark is a dynamic, compassionate healer and a powerful spiritual medium. I highly recommend and endorse Mark’s mediumship. He has a high ethical standards, natural ability and has received excellent training as a medium. Give him a call as he will go out of his way to help you.”

~ Rev. Stephen Hermann

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