Continuity of life begins with the understanding that the spirit of an individual survives beyond the transition called death and is the continuous unending journey of the individual soul through the here and the hereafter.  The statement “You are a spiritual being having a human experience” seems iconic, yet holds true taken from this perspective. Our goal is to help people learn to share, expand and enrich their own authentic life stories.

Experiencing the continuity of life through intuitive awareness, evidential mediumship, metaphysical experiences or higher-self process is perhaps one of the most trans-formative moments in life. Expanding consciousness and working in the world through a heart-centered approach brings depth, compassion and passion to life's moments!

Continuity of Life offers you Clarity, Comfort, Connection, Closure and Continuity through Spiritual Life Coaching, Evidential Mediumship, Psychic Advisory Services, & Spiritual Education.

In addition to these healing arts, we offer community outreach programs through events such as:  Conscious Aging, Spirit Speaks and Death Café.

What our clients are saying about us

I want to thank you for your reading after my momma left. It was integral in getting a hold on my sanity long enough to begin the journey forward through the hell. I’ve come to three months of grieving in about 10 days. I’m ready to go forward now.

~ Angelica K

“I have sat with Lori many times and have found her evidence astounding at times. Wonderful connection with SPIRIT, and her accuracy is great. She constantly brings through things she could not possibly know; or even discover by normal investigative means. A wonderful experience.”

John St.Clair

When you are ready, we are here.

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