A change of spirit…

It’s amazing to see today how much of what I imagined the future would look like has come to pass. As an example of just how manifesting works, I see in today what I imagined would happen in the world when I realized that spirits walk among us.  I imagined when I was young that all of the “evils” of the world were just misunderstandings.

Misconceptions that people would have for themselves in understanding the concept of death. This idea has come into question for many lately. People are questioning the very idea of death.

I see what people once thought were demons and such are being understood now. In that I have always seen them hanging around, popping in here and there throughout my life it is interesting to see the manifestation of understanding happening all around me. Mainstream media is for the first time embracing the continuity of life. People are now starting to understand that the transition called death is nothing to be feared.

I always imagined a world where people would not be afraid of death. And now I see that idea being diminished around the world. People are coming together and sharing experiences with out the fear of ridicule. The days of the witch trials are over and long forgotten. Society at large is embracing the truth of our existence.

There have been mediums in recent times that have proven the continuity of life through various souls that have come forward to share their wisdom concerning the here after. Mediums and psychics such as: Edgar CayceAbraham HicksTony WinningerJohn EdwardsJames VanPraagh and Richard Schoeller all coming forth with messages proving the continuation through evidential mediumship.

So when I look back and see how what I have known to be my own truth coming to light in what many perceive as mankind’s darkest hour, it brings with it a message of hope. The understanding of the continuity of life shows us that all our pettiness, all our greed, hatred, and most of all our fears are unjustifiable… un-real… false.

Man has always feared death, man has always looked to the future with the prophetic belief that all that is good will one day pass. It is simply a date of a paradigm shift in consciousness. An ending to one way of thinking and an opening or an awakening to a new one. As an example of how something like this is misinterpreted look at the tarot card of Death. To the person receiving a reading they often see it as bad because of the imagery and the word, but in all reality the medium or psychic performing the reading understands the card as meaning simply… change. Part of this paradigm shift is the acceptance of our own immortality and divinity. That what we choose to be our reality is what becomes. We are the architects of our future, we co-create alongside with the creative source itself and there is nothing to fear.

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  1. I cannot say that I have an awareness of the energy forms around me, but for a long time I have been aware of the truth. That neither energy nor love ever dies.

    Thank you for sharing your truth. Truth becomes a portal for others.

    One Love,

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