A Creating Moment

Beyond what we think we know about the world lies the truth. It is not about knowledge. It is about creating. The artist, the poet, and the philosopher in us all believe we know what the world is, but we are all of us deceived. Reality is not as we think it is. Reality is in what we think, not what we know. Knowledge is a reflection upon memory. Thinking is acting upon the moment. The understanding and the wisdom we possess come from the conscious choices we have made and is indicative of the connection we experience in the now activities. The “I think therefore I am” motto has been all but misunderstood… I Am because I Am regardless of what I think is the reality of the universe.

What I think becomes the universe because of our combined thoughts concerning what we have created. The Earth as we know it and the visions of the universe seen as we look through the Hubble are all are all as we have collectively thought them into creation. From the smallest molecule to the birth of stars seen across the universe are all forms of energy and as a whole we are that energy. We are witnessing the birth of the universe in every action we take and in every breath that we take as we ponder the meanings of life are all here, and appear as they appear because we have imagined… we have placed the seed of curiosity into the universe and we as a people are all part of the pieces that make it all possible. The world would not appear as it does if it were not for our part in it.

So I say to you, what then shall we create?

With every passing day we see the world diminish of wishing. We see the state of the world in every glimpse out our “Windows” into it. In the final analysis… why can’t we just simply changer our minds and say to it… Namaste.

If I had one wish, it would be for us, all of us to take a day, a week… a lifetime or two… and simply release our ego and just be for a change. If this were to happen, ah what a beautiful world we would create. There would be no war for there would be no greed, there would be not hatred because all would be love, there would be no sickness for the body would no stress, and we could all begin to create that “utopia” we all wish to see.

We can create our own “Utopia” our own “Brave New World.” The power of the universe is within us. We are the divinity we have always sought out. God is within us. If God is love then we all possess it. And since God is within us and therefore Love is within us… don’t you think it is time to release all of our hatred, all of our pettiness, and all of those things we call sin and realize that it is only our selves that keeps us in fear of God. Because we fear ourselves we create something that is outside us to be responsible for the world.

So you may say, if we create our own world so how is it then that there is so much suffering? So we may learn to appreciate. But we question God all the time and say; “Why would you create a world with so much suffering?” We say this because we do not want to take on the responsibility for ourselves and say why have I created this. This allows us to release guilt and push it off on someone or something else when we see what we see of the state of the world as being one which is full of darkness and hate. But these are simply perspectives, the world truly is what we create with each passing thought. So why not focus our thoughts on love, light and peace?

And I look off into the universe and see the beauty it holds and I realize that I too hold that beauty within my every moment. I hold this within me and I see that it is better to share that beauty with the world… to share the wisdom within, which is simply the state of the moment as I release it for you to read. I lay no claim to any form of faith just mine. And I don’t expect anyone to lay my claim to their own. I have no ego to uphold any longer.

When I think of the reflected soul… that face I see in the mirror I realize that it is simply a representation of the spirit held within me. I am but a reflection of the divinity within. As are you… or did you not realize this?

I look outside my window on the world we have created and I cannot help but smile when I realize that the things that it contains were created by me… how strange.

Photo and video credit ~ Terje Sorgjerd, the photographer behind the viral video The Aurora, has done it again. Here, Sogjerd captures the Milky Way over El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain.