A life lesson

… that moment when you realize, friends are dying of cancer, people you know, know people hanging on to life by a thread after a massive propane explosion, loved ones are missing from your life, and the people closest to you are the only ones who truly know your pain.

Life is exciting… live it now. Life it WOW!

You only have this moment. Yesterday does not exist, it can’t harm you. Tomorrow does not exist… it is the true unknown. Now is the only thing you have… embrace it. Fulfill your life with abundance and pure joy. Distance yourself with the daily grind and replace it with the daily unwind.

You are unique. You are the only you there will ever be. It is your time to shine. Remember that though your friends, loved ones and family may be distance or close… your experience would not be what it is without them.

We all are important, we all are perfect. Otherwise there would be no us. The only thing you can truly have faith in is that the moment will go on until it doesn’t. You are born… you will die.

Remember, the opposite of life is not death. The opposite of death is birth.

LIfe has no opposite… life goes on.

The physical is transient… the spirit, eternal.