A meditation to align the chakra.


As many know the body is, at its most basic level, simply energy. And as such it has a process through which this energy is cycled and reused. In eastern mysticism energy is often referred to as the Chi, while the system through which it moves is known as the Chakra. There are meridians that flow through the body and if you would imagine your fingers are linked to each chakra. 1 – 7.

This meditation is designed to help you align your chakra and create a more energetically beneficial flow through the system.

First find a comfortable position sitting in a chair perhaps. If it has arms this would be great otherwise if you are sitting on the floor in a yogic pose this works just as well. Place your hands upward in your lap and receive in white light. As the light begins to form in your mind visualize it in your palms growing… become aware of your breathing. Feel the white light pulsating in your palms.

Continue breathing normally as you touch your index finger to your thumb tip. As you do so this connects your root chakra feel the white light turn to red as it flows into your energy center at the base of the spine. As you inhale focus on the red light moving upward through your body bringing in the energy of the earth. As you breathe out the energy flows up and out winding its way around the other chakra as the Kundalini snake winding its way through and out of the crown chakra. The energy flows all around you and again is pulled in at the base of your spine, flowing through again as you breathe it in again. Continue this until you feel the energy is calm and collected, energetically charged yet at ease and ready to begin.

Again to your palm you begin to see white light form as you release your index finger and touch the middle to the thumb. Now the color shifts to orange as it moves through your sacral chakra, up, through, and out; around and up and through again with each breathe, repeating until you feel at ease as you begin to feel more self confident and secure.

As you switch the middle finger to the ring fingers you again flow through white light and on to yellow. You begin to sense your will coming more alive and you notice that you are feeling like you are discovering your purpose. Let the energy flow through you with each breath, holding the finger in the pose and connecting it with your chakra.

Then on to the little finger as the energy continues to flow up and through connecting as it winds through the Kundalini spiral up your spine to the heart chakra. You feel the love that created you and the life force within begins to shine forth with a brilliant green healing light. It encompasses you and you watch as it shimmers its way all around you, with each passing breath you feel more connected to love.

You briefly return to white light like a slow flash as you switch back to the index finger and your throat chakra comes to life. Brilliantly you begin to sense like you want to sing out to the world about the love that you have just experienced. And the torus of energy continues all around you. Once again you remain until you feel at ease and peaceful.

Paying attention to your breathing you switch through white light now to your middle finger and your third eye bursts forth with vibrant violet light and your body is encompassed more and more with each passing breath. You feel a connectedness with all of humanity, the animal kingdom, the plants, the minerals and the energy of the cosmos flows through you now in an endless torus.

You switch again to your ring finger and you burst through the top of your head with white light as you feel it all around you expanding and solidifying your relationship to all that is. It moves through you and all around in a brilliant torus of energy and you sit within it encompassed in peaceful light for as long as you want.

There is no rush, you can release your hands and let them lie comfortably in your lap as you have now moved into a place of peace and tranquility.