A thought about Compassion…

I see that it is not wholly on the physical realm that the compassion teachers are here to teach, but in the metaphysical as well. There are two separate but intertwined concepts contained in the man known as Jesus and the consciousness he drew his teachings from, this consciousness was known as the Christ consciousness. You put them together and you have Jesus the Christ. You separate them and you have Jesus, a teacher of compassion and love and the Christ representing the source from which he drew his teachings. This same consciousness has manifested today in the current “guru’s” of modern times, the Dalai Lama for instance.

The idea behind “it” is in how we are taught compassion. The lesson is not of absolution of sin, sin is a man made ideal. The lesson was always about compassion and acceptance… i.e. Love. Unconditional love remains a lesson man is continually striving to accept in his experience, even with out realizing it on mass it remains the driving force in our lives. We have collectively but more individually only begun to accept it. When we remember the life of the man Jesus we see him as a teacher of that unconditional love, a feeling we so wish to experience. But just what is unconditional love?

It is the awareness of the acceptance of the understanding that no matter what race, creed, or belief someone outside of your “me” is, that they deserve to be loved as much as we love ourselves. In order to experience unconditional love for someone else we must first learn to experience the consciousness within our self. That idea was and is expressed in all of the worlds traditions as the golden rule: Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

The teachings of Jesus the man are reflective of the teachings of all of the great masters throughout history. When we look to the current Dalai Lama, the bringer of compassion in our modern world, we see that he to knows the teaching.  Each and every Guru throughout history and even in the current world are all telling us the same lesson. Love thyself above all else and then you will see that we are all equal in the eyes of creation.

So let your fellow man be as they are and love them as they are for when you degrade, undermine, or (and I do not like this word) hate another you are showing that you do not have any love for yourself. When you harm another, you are the one that ultimately suffers. There is that word again… suffering. Even in the case of the Christ Jesus… he chose his own suffering. That is the ultimate lesson of his life. You choose your own pain, you choose your own suffering, and foremost you choose every moment of your life. Choose well… Namste.