Animal Abuse & How Not TO Be A Hypocrite

window to the soulAnimal abuse is entirely tolerated on so many levels, from entertainment, to research to the slaughter house. Poor sweet Caitlyn.. let her pain help ALL animals and their rights! But isn’t MOST of society involved in animal abuse and cruelty?

Let’s be seriously genuine about animal abuse though, ok? It is always horrific when we see abuse spotlighted in the media.. but what about the everyday occurrences of abuse and cruelty? Partaking in the consuming of animals is cruel. Not one animal on earth ever said “ok, slaughter me, after treating me horrifically so I can indulge your taste-buds” Nope… animals do not sign up for abusive conditions and slaughter. Ask a young kid where a hamburger comes from and they blankly state… the store or McDonalds.. seriously, they have no clue that they are eating the insides what was a living, breathing being!

Wearing the skin and fur is cruel. Gee, I don’t think the beautiful cow, or pig, bunny, or alligator said “sure, kill me and rip the skin and fur from my body as your new belt, shoes or coat is oh so important!” I will look SO much better on YOU!

Allowing and partaking in the entertainment of animals, racing, zoo’s, circuses, etc. is absolutely cruel. Greyhounds, horses, and so many other animals are abused and die because some people find them entertaining or possibly a monetary gain to abuse. C’mon now, surely you can find another way to entertain yourself?

Needless research and testing on animals is abuse. This is 2015.. animal testing is archaic and out dated.. come into the “new” age already.

Let me end with hunting. This is a practice that should have died ions ago. NO ONE needs to run around stupidly in the woods trying to murder animals for sustenance while calling it a “sport” even though the animals are NOT armed. Over population my ass and fuck you. The “hunter/gatherer age ended. News-FLASH… we have supermarkets now. Figure out another more civilized way to rid yourself of that pent-up hostility.

YES YES YES.. ALL animal abuse and cruelty is horrific, disgusting and 100% unnecessary. Heal well and fast sweet Caitlyn… I LOVE you and may your tragic suffering open the minds and hearts of many!

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