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What does “Continuity of Life” mean? Continuity of Life is the understanding that the spirit of a person lives on after the transition called death. All is energy and all energy is unending and continuous.

What are Mediumistic Messages? Attuning to and connecting with those in the Spiritual world to bring through evidential information that will provide proof of the Spirit individual that has come forth to speak. A Medium works directly with and for Spirit.  Your friends and loved ones in the formless energy state decide when and if they are ready and wanting to come through, and they will never tell you what to do or give predictions. They will bring evidence, love, guidance and messages, in their own way and to the best of their current ability. 

Also, please understand that a specific person you desire to speak with may not be the one that comes through.  Those on the other side that are here to assist you may have something you “need” to hear and that can take precedence over want you “want” to hear or who you wish to hear it from. ALL spirit communication should be treated with respect and be held in great significance. Always come to your reading with an open mind,  heart, and an appreciation for what is to transpire!

What is an Intuitive/Psychic Reading? Aligning with the energy field, the aura of an individual and universal energy, interpreting the perceived emotions and using that information to assist in comprehension of one’s situation. An Intuitive works directly with living and universal energy. As an Intuitive, Mark may from time to time incorporate tools such as Tarot Cards during a reading to help comprehend the message with visuals.

In a Psychic reading we explore the past, through the individuals own memory of experience, and combine it with the present moment where we both are at the time of the reading. With this connection we create a flow forward in time allowing for the art of foresight to come through.Like a rubber band stretched in time and flicked at the point of the reading. Waves of experience move forward and back in time allowing for the experience of the reading to take place. Psychics are sensitive to those vibrations.


To achieve the best possible message/reading always have an open heart,
an open mind and expect the best!

What can I do to make my message/reading as beneficial as possible? Come with an open mind and heart! Be as positive as possible… good vibrations go a long way! Be honest with the medium, if you don’t understand a part of your message, say so and the medium will try to clarify it for you. Be honest with yourself and the Medium. If you are understanding the information given, say so… if it is not making sense to you at the time let them know. This is helpful to the Medium, their guide, and the communicators. Mediumship is a three way street, the sitter, the medium, and spirit.  Think of it as a team effort. I advise my sitters to ask their loved ones to join us and show up before they arrive for their appointment. 

What is a Medium? A Medium is an individual who can attune to those in Spirit, and can through their sensitivity they focus, receive and convey messages from those who have transitioned to the Spirit World. A medium receives impressions from Spirit via, clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and clairaudience (clear hearing). Really it is a combination of all three and more. Those who are now formless all have their individual ways of working to communicate with you through the medium. Understand that their personalities are the same as when you knew them here in the form of the physical body on earth. Some of these traits or saying, elements of their personality can come through in the medium as well. The medium is the mediator of a communication with spirit.

What is the difference between a medium and a psychic? Not all psychics are mediums but all mediums are psychic. Mediums work directly with and through spirit. Psychics work with your energy and universal energy.

What is the point of receiving a message from Spirit? To prove to the individual receiving the message through evidential mediumship that life continues beyond the physical body. To help those that are in need of confirmation see proof beyond their current beliefs, and provide comfort, guidance and relief from fear and grieving. To receive guidance and love. Messages from loved ones can provide clarity, comfort, connection, closure and continuity. Those in spirit need all of these same things. They need healing too.

What does a private session involve? Private sessions last for about 30 minutes to an hour and can be  in person, by phone or Skype.  Private sessions conducted for  couples related by blood, marriage, or domestic partnership generally last about an hour. During a sitting, there is the opportunity to ask questions, but only after those in spirit have identified themselves clearly. The medium will provide evidence of the person who has come forward, identifying themselves through some mutual feeling, experience, a memory, physical description or some element that stood out in your mind that reminds you of them. It could be a smell, a favorite color or plant, any number of things that remind us of our loved one. Then there will be a message from that person you will understand and need at the time.

We allow time for questions to clarify any points you did not understand, and encourage you to participate but not to the point of giving away information.

What is the difference between an in person session and one by phone or Skype? As far as the spirit is concerned, there is no difference in the connection or the information that comes through. Those in spirit  aren’t limited by time, space or distance. All methods are of equal value .

Why does a medium accept fees for their work? For the same reason a minister, a doctor, or any other person of service does.  It is a viable and beneficial service, often with years spent on developing through time, classes and training. You are compensating for the Mediums time and service.

What is evidential mediumship? When receiving a message from Spirit with a Medium, evidence that identifies the Spirit person is very important. The Medium will deliver impressions- to the sitter as they are received to allow the sitter to know without a doubt to whom they are communicating with. These impressions and the actual message are meant for the sitter only, the Medium does not need to understand the information.  It is jolly good fun to know that mom, dad, grannie or your beloved puppy from childhood is there with you and offering love and guidance!

Are you a fortune teller, do you predict the future? No! Mediumistic or psychic work is not  fortune telling, that goes against natural and spiritual law! An authentic Medium does not  predict the future or give information that is not beneficial, and it would be advisable not to work with anyone who claims they can give predictions or gives negative information.

What if Spirit tells me something I don’t want to know? Spirit, by natural law, are bound to communicate in terms of truth and love, therefore they will not tell you anything that is going to worry or upset you. Do understand though, that you may not always hear what you think you want to hear, and may indeed hear what you need.

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