Beyond the Minds Eye (a meditation)


Meditation for some seems impossible. I hear all the time people saying “Oh I can’t meditate” or things like “I just can’t shut off my mind so I can meditate” What I have developed is a sure fire way to get out of your mind and open yourself up to astral projection, spirit communication, and into the observing mind.

This technique is designed to focus your mind, relax the body, and prepare your spirit for opening up to, and communicating with your higher self, your guides and teachers, and even your loved ones who may be ready and waiting to communicate with you. You may also use this method to alleviate insomnia, or to consciously enter your dreams (lucid dreaming).

During our waking time we spend the vast majority of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection where our Spirit watches as our Mind and Body go about our daily business, but at sleep… the Body steps back as the Mind relaxes allowing our Spirit to take us on a journey in the night to see the wonders of the non physical world. The realm of spirit within our grasps as we sleep… and we call them dreams. Dreams are a vital resource for spiritual progression.

As you read through, remember to go through each section with equal attention. Remember to pace yourself and not to rush, each breath is important. Each muscle group, every feeling should be given paramount attention. If you find yourself drifting off in thought and cannot remember where you are in the process, it is recommended to start back at the beginning again. If you fall asleep, that’s okay. Try again until you can make it through the entire meditation.

I have been using this method for relaxation and for clearing my mind for deep meditation and channeling for decades with great success. The method relaxes and disconnects you from the body and puts you in a state where you are free from the confines of the physical world allowing for the mind – spirit connection to take over:

1) Lay flat in your bed with only a sheet, weather permitting, relax. Start with the point where the sheet touches your toe.

2) Follow the sensation of the sheet against your body all the way up to your calf, and bit by bit, joint by joint, all the while calming your breath.

3) Sense the air between the sheet and your body from your feet on up.

4) Begin focusing on your breathing.

5) On the in breath, flex your foot down and hold the tension for the entire in breath.

6) On the out breath, relax the foot.

7) Breathe once more fully in and out.

8) You then flex your feet upward, working the opposite muscle group as before, remembering to breathe, then relax on the out. Breathe again.

9) Continue working this way through your legs, one muscle group at a time, and breathing in between. up to the abdomen, the back and chest, continue out and down your arms, then up the neck to the head.

10) When you get there, flex your face muscles too, all the while in and out breathing for each flex and release. (making the surprised look then the angry look helps here)

11) By focusing your energy from the bottom up, you have created a torus of energy all around you. Feel it as it moves up your body and through you as it encircles you.

10) Continue cycling white light up and through your body, in and up through the body with the in breath. Up out breath returns the white healing light to your feet as you inhale… (repeat 10 and continue cycling)

11) Your body should be completely relaxed, you will notice now that your sensation of your body may be fading away from your conscious thoughts. Embrace this and begin to explore the room, look back at your body and take note of where you are observing from. Focus your energy there and follow that direction and explore where ever it leads you.

11) If you drift off to sleep  (which you most likely will have been by now) allow your mind and your spirit to leave your body a (Don’t worry, your safe… your guide has you)

I hope this has worked for you as well as it has for me over the years.

Enjoy and explore as your minds eye will be open and ready.