A life lesson

… that moment when you realize, friends are dying of cancer, people you know, know people hanging on to life by a thread after a massive propane explosion, loved ones are missing from […]


Thanksgiving Compassion

Something to ponder. Like many if not most of you I grew up in a meat and potatoes home. Entrees and mains were almost always meat with the occasional exception of pasta. We […]


You’re already psychic.

What are the main reasons people can’t seem to develop their intuitive abilities? The short answer is disbelief, resulting from a lifetime of cultural conditioning, aka Cognitive Dissonance. This is a major hurdle […]

A Transformation Story

A Transformation Story

I spent years chasing the American dream. I had the kids, wife, 2 cars a nice home and a great job in advertising. I was living the dream, but I was absolutely and […]

window to the soul

Animal Abuse & How Not TO Be A Hypocrite

Animal abuse is entirely tolerated on so many levels, from entertainment, to research to the slaughter house. Poor sweet Caitlyn.. let her pain help ALL animals and their rights! But isn’t MOST of […]

it's a wonderful life

It’s a Wonderful Life

I simply and completely LOVE life… seriously, how could I not. I am alive, breathing, feeling, expressing and connecting with other people and living things…  of course I LOVE life. It IS a […]