Thanksgiving Compassion

Something to ponder. Like many if not most of you I grew up in a meat and potatoes home. Entrees and mains were almost always meat with the occasional exception of pasta. We […]

family gratitude thanksgiving

Family Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Captured in a moment of time… this is my moms family of 12 children and my sweet grandma & grandpa at their home in Reedsburg Wisconsin. I was about 5 or 6 when […]

sister love memory

Memory Lane and the Now

They say there is no time in the afterlife, that “time” is an earthly creation. I have good reason to believe that they know what they are talking about so it makes sense […]

The 7 cycles of the 7 chakra

As an exploration of the developmental cycles of a human, this essay illustrates how certain character traits manifest at specific intervals in life. It focuses on the philosophy that every seven years humans […]

window to the soul

Animal Abuse & How Not TO Be A Hypocrite

Animal abuse is entirely tolerated on so many levels, from entertainment, to research to the slaughter house. Poor sweet Caitlyn.. let her pain help ALL animals and their rights! But isn’t MOST of […]


A Death Cafe Sarasota article on in their Culture Section

“Inside the Death Cafe: A Gathering Place For People to Talk About Dying” People are gathering to discuss death and dying over tea and cake. Recently Liz Langley, a writer from, attended one […]