Moments to Memories

Moments to Memories

I awoke this morning earlier than usual as that particular blue was beginning to illuminate the sky and allowed my mind to stay in that half dreamy state, that delicious and often mysterious place between the slumber world and the

How to UNlearn and Be Authentic

How to UNlearn and Be Authentic

I could care less… but I don’t, I care a lot. I am one of those people that throughout life has always sided with the so called “under-dog”, you know, the person that everyone else teased, the one that was

Forgiveness Hope Questions and Challenges Sandy Hook

There is an enormous number of truly inspiring and spiritual people on our amazing planet earth. People that are internationally known for these attributes and contributions to our society on a global scale and the many, many  everyday people in

Ethics and the Professional Medium

Mediumship ethics and the responsibilities of the sitter Have you ever wondered if you should see a Medium or a Psychic? Do you even know that there is a difference? Do you know what to do when you go into

Perception and Compassion

This man was sitting on the side of the road, on a calm spring morning. Stupefied he looked to the passers-by, many walked around. Men in suites, women in dresses and people walking their dogs. He kept searching for something, deep in

Consciousness to Consciousness

How does one put into context such an abstract concept as the continuity of life? What does this mean? The universe, creation whatever you want to call it is by our own admission beyond the ability for our earthly minds

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