live life do not judge

How to UNlearn and Be Authentic

live life do not judgeI could care less… but I don’t, I care a lot.

I am one of those people that throughout life has always sided with the so called “under-dog”, you know, the person that everyone else teased, the one that was different, and the person that was seen as a misfit, freak or outcast by some in society. And then of course all those that are innocent, the small children,  animals, and creatures  of our world that often times need a voice to step in because they are simply not able to.  From childhood, I would have drug home every “stray” animal or human if I could have gotten away with it, I think I did more than a few times!

So why would I naturally gravitate in this direction? Perhaps it was the way it made my heart feel bruised as I could not stand by and observe others being treated poorly, maybe it was a desire to “rescue & retrieve” or it may just have been an unlearned emotional response to what I somehow KNEW was the “right” thing to thing to feel or do. I think it is innate in all of us to be kind, loving and amazing human beings born with a connection to all other living things, people, animals, and nature.  We all can learn to allow all others to live their unique expressions of being and embrace that with our hearts. Living from the heart and not the head is a wonderful approach to living.

I believe that all people  start out as divine and perfect little bundles of possibilities and potentialities… equal and ready to create all kinds of interesting moments and experiences. Yes I did say equal, though I know that some will disagree as they may feel that those born into poverty, lacking family, or born with physical or mental differences do not have an equal opportunity for a “great” life. Those things are merely things, circumstances and conditions which may create a different set of challenges and opportunities, and it certainly may produce all kinds of labels and judgments that may be bestowed upon them from others who decide to do such. However, if we are all here right now doing this exceptional dance called life and we decide NOT to punish others with our own self-created ideas of limitations, then YES, we are all perfect expressions or pure energy.

How do we UN-learn what we have taken in by other people, the media, and society at large? How do we wash off the ideas that do not serve us or those in our lives and clean up our perceptions and self-created attitudes towards others and ourselves? Can we just jump in full force and start living consciously from this thought onwards? I believe the answer is YES as we actually create every moment and that is all there is. So right now, as you are reading this, actively decide to bring a new way of being into your being. Stop and say to yourself “I will have only the best intention and thoughts for others and myself” and then live in your words. If you find yourself thinking an OLD thought, or perceiving someone or a situation in an old way, simply stop, breathe, smile and do it differently.

As we are all bundles of limitless energy in different sizes, shapes, colours, and desires… we all do have the ability to perceive our increments of time in whatever fashion we allow ourselves to manifest it.  Creating a day, a week, a month or your lifetime with a loving heart and an expansive mind is simply a decision you make, and we all continue to make those decisions and decide exactly how we will react to them every moment we are in this earth suit and making this life experience. So toss OUT ALL that you have learned from others, from books, words, teachers, clergy, and  the media, that does not serve self or others, and take IN ALL that resonates with your beautiful heart, your true and limitless, conscious loving  being… the YOU that is authentically YOU.

Forgiveness Hope Questions and Challenges Sandy Hook

loss grief compassionThere is an enormous number of truly inspiring and spiritual people on our amazing planet earth. People that are internationally known for these attributes and contributions to our society on a global scale and the many, many  everyday people in our own towns, neighborhoods and families. The Super Soul Sunday interview below proves this fact one more time. I encourage everyone to watch it and grow from it as I have.

I just watched the following video for the second time, find it at the end of this article.  It is an interview with  Francine and David Wheeler who are the parents of Ben, one of the 26 people that lost their lives in the Sandy Hook tragedy. It shows true courage, love, and spirituality. It is a difficult subject to talk about yet this interview really brings out some raw emotions, questions, and  hope. This interview and all the beautiful lessons in it are a must see for everyone. It is about living openly and from the heart, and living in love and not fear.

Oprah sits down for an emotional conversation with David and Francine Wheeler who tragically lost their six-year-old son Ben in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012.

The Wheelers share their journey of heartache and courage with astounding grace, spirit and wisdom.  To honor Ben, whom they describe as “our light,” they have committed to turning their tragedy into transformation. The Wheelers describe what they have discovered about living with an open heart in order to heal, and how they strive to find common ground when it comes to seeking solutions to gun violence in our country.

As I was writing this I noticed that a new report about the killer, Adam Lanza,  had just been released. We tend to forget the other side of the tragedies.. the killer and their friends and families, which produces more raw emotion,  questions and concerns.  The fact that he was a young person with severe mental health issues, had many of the same wants and needs as all that lost their lives at his hand, possibly a mother filled with terror and and hopelessness, and  that there appeared to be nothing being done to sort all of his issues out. Then there is the whole side of the weapons he had access to. Tragedy knows many forms.

Tragedy, heartache, despair, grief… and the compassion, wisdom, and genuine courage and love that the interview with the Wheeler family left me with. David Wheeler’s statement that the only memorial that matters to him is the way he lives his life, and how they as a couple are encouraging change to make a safer world. As David stated “There can’t be a single person in this world in their right mind that thinks this is ok.” They said they are advocates for love and common sense  and finding sensible answers. David said “people hang onto their beliefs very very strongly so let’s find  out why we are hanging onto their things.

Perfect truth from the Wheeler’s – Everyday when you wake up in the morning you are making every decision out of fear or out of love. That’s all there is. How do we make this shift away from fear?

I have to completely agree with Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) “The lessons of this report are simple,” he said. “We must improve school security, increase mental health services and require background checks for all gun purchases so we can keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people.”

Let’s try to live from a place of love, live a heart-focused and centered life for ALL living creatures to create a better world .

I signed the Sandy Hook Promise to help create the needed shift…

Super Soul Sunday –



Ethics and the Professional Medium

Medium Lori MarshallMediumship ethics and the responsibilities of the sitter

Have you ever wondered if you should see a Medium or a Psychic?

Do you even know that there is a difference?
Do you know what to do when you go into a reading?
Or realize that there are guidelines for both reader and sitter?

It is important to have an understanding of what will be most beneficial to you and what is expected if you are receiving a reading from a professional Medium, and of yourself. This will allow you to have the best possible experience.

First of all, ALL Mediums are Psychic… but not all Psychics are Mediums.
Understanding the difference will help assist you in the type of reading you really desire.

Psychics work with your personal energy and universal energy to help with your own life situations. While Mediums work with those who are in spirit and are out of the physical body. Readings with a medium are for contact, closure, comfort and communication with those who reside now in the world of spirit.

Both Psychic and Mediumistic work is beneficial and serves a purpose.
People consult with Psychics for guidance on: relationships, life choices, career, and health. Psychics offer support for guidance regarding the past, present or probabilities for the future, so that you may decide to make choices that will be beneficial to your life. Remember, we all have free will.

People generally seek out Mediums for one of the four C’s: continuity, comfort, closure, or connection. Mediums provide evidence that we do in fact continue after the physical death, that there is in fact a continuity of life. Mediumship is for the grieving process to be eased on both sides of life which may create a sense of comfort and closure to all involved. The medium is the conduit that connects those in the physical with those in the non-physical.

We have mediumship because people here, and in spirit need healing and support. Spirit people can assist you, send you love and support, and even inspire you, but they can’t interfere with the lessons you need to learn while you’re here.

Mediumship or Psychic work should not be taken lightly as it is a responsibility and indeed a privilege to offer that experience to all who seek our services. One should always have only the highest and best intention for the sitter. And as a sitter you should come in with the same and understand that this is a really wonderful opportunity.

A professional and ethical medium will always strive to be the best instrument for spirit, thus providing accurate and beneficial information. Through practice and ongoing development the Medium is able to work with their guides and the spirit world to offer clarity and comfort.

Many Mediums are indeed “born with” an openness to communicate with spirit, for others it comes much later in life, but ALL Mediums benefit from ongoing development and training just as any other profession. Professional mediumship is a lifestyle with continual development, and the ethical medium will work to be the best.

Learning how to work with Mediumship for a professional practice for service to others is an ongoing process. Mediumship should be approached from the heart and of service to others.

Ethics, the Miriam-Webster definition is; the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group

What is ethical behavior for a Medium?

Working for the highest and best intention for all involved, period.

•Always being honest
•Mediums do not make predictions and forecasts
•Ultimatums will not happen in mediumship
•Spirit will not give information that will weigh heavy on the heart
•Will bring a meaningful and beneficial message
•Client confidentiality – always respect privacy
•Guidance can be offered from spirit but never absolutes
•No guarantees, never tell someone that a particular person will show up in a reading
•Do not embellish, cold read, or taint the reading. Leave your ego at the door. Readings are for the sitter, not the Medium
•Always ask permission from the sitter if you like to make physical contact, holding hands etc. during a reading
•Never try to give someone a reading if they have not asked for one. Do not accost the public; it is a violation of privacy
•Never predict or diagnose disease or death, this information will not come from spirit
•A medium must never conduct a spirit communication under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Responsibilities of the sitter – embrace the opportunity!
1.Come to the reading with an open mind
2.Refrain from expectation of outcome
3.Have an understanding of the process
4.Provide accurate and honest feedback as requested
a.Do not give false information. If you do not wish to engage with a particular person, say so and we can ask them to move on
5.Don’t FEED the medium – allow the medium the opportunity to give you information, don’t tell them who’s, why’s, where’s…
6.Respect the way your medium works, they may not receive info like a previous medium, which does not make it any less valid.
7.Be a willing participant – this is an active experience between you, your spirit loved ones, and the medium
8.Be willing to do the homework to verify info that may not at first seem obvious
9.Set the intention of whom you desire to communicate with the day before and up until the reading
10.If you had a great experience, share it with others allowing them the opportunity of the same

There are many ethical and professional Mediums available today, knowing what to expect and what not to accept, as well as your role in the process will help insure a great reading.

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Perception and Compassion


This man was sitting on the side of the road, on a calm spring morning. Stupefied he looked to the passers-by, many walked around. Men in suites, women in dresses and people walking their dogs. He kept searching for something, deep in his cart of only he knows just what. For a bit almost frantic, at other moments perplexed. What was wrong, what was the matter? I couldn’t help but say to myself as the people walked on by never giving him a second look.

To many I am sure he appeared crazy, why would anyone choose to live this way? Some may think he is irrelevant, a burden on society, but all I see is a man. Lost, in need of a simple human touch, a kind word some recognition that he is still valuable. So I walked up to him.

Sarasota is a unique place in the world. People come here from all around, we have theater, we have art, we have culture, extravagance and a 98% saturated rental market with the highest per-capita homeless population in the country. The homeless have been herded by the wealthy in the community and swept under the carpet in an area of town where there is spartan many empty lots and little development and an abundance of condemned homes. Many of which are havens for the homeless.

Just on the other side of this man are 3 condemned buildings which the city is demolishing this week. So I go up to him and I say:

“Sir, excuse me, do you need anything, can I help you?” at first he did not recognize that he was being spoken to. His leathery skin peering up from below cap and hoodie. Bearded and distant was his face as he finally realized I was speaking to him. Shaking he said to me… “I will be on my way in a minute.” As if to say I was rushing him off.

So I assured him I was not there to usher him off and out of my way… I asked him what he was looking for. “Safety pins, they fell out of my cart, a man gave it to me yesterday, I didn’t steal it…” He looked agitated. Frantic, almost fearful.

I reached out my arm and touched him on the shoulder and looked in his eyes and said. “That’s okay, I’m here to help. Do you need your cart fixed?”

“Nooo… it’s okay you don’t have to trouble yourself.” So I watched for a moment as he attempted to hold his cart together with these tiny safety pins, barely large enough to hold a piece of paper to a woman’s blouse. So I said to him: “Wait a moment I’ll be right back. So I hobbled off with my cane and took off to the garage.

When I came back he was frantically packing up and rushing off, fearful I was going to call the police. I caught up with him and handed him everything he needed to fix his cart. Exactly the right amount of washers and cotter-pins he needed, the exact amount of them I had in my jar of spare screws and bolts.

I handed him the parts and asked if he needed some help putting them in, he was frail and shaking when he said. “Thank you sir.”

To which I replied, “That’s alright but my name is Mark. Nice to meet you sir.”

I saw him today walking his cart by my street, smiling with a pep in his step.

So you see, sometimes when you are lost all you need is a leg up, not a hand out.

Consciousness to Consciousness

Consciousness-Continuity-of-LifeHow does one put into context such an abstract concept as the continuity of life?

What does this mean? The universe, creation whatever you want to call it is by our own admission beyond the ability for our earthly minds to grasp. So we deem it eternal, infinite, everlasting. We call the unknown, out of fear, heaven or hell and put a value on a concept we do not have words to truly express. This concept of the continuity of life is simply an expression to put into terms the nature of human existence. Life does in fact continue after the transition called death. And from our very beginnings on the road to consciousness we attempted to find proof of it.

Spirit communication, mediumship, near death experiences, past life regression, modern science, quantum mechanics, and yes… religion, are all describing the same phenomenon. That the consciousness of an individual survives the transition called death. The very nature of this expression of the divine has been debated for centuries. Even Plato and the ancients debated the depths of this most basic trait we all share called consciousness. It is what separates us from the rest of the animals on this planet. And since we achieved this distinction we have been on a long quest to understand why.

We are the who, we see the what, we keep track of the when, and we are perpetually bound to the where, but it is the why that drives us. Why do we see things that our rational minds ascertain are not there? Why has there, in recent times, become such a huge surge in paranormal interest, in metaphysical understanding, and in experiences where we are being shown that there is life beyond the grave.  Why?

Why indeed?

More to come, I will continue to post my thoughts on this concept… check back often!