The 7 cycles of the 7 chakra

As an exploration of the developmental cycles of a human, this essay illustrates how certain character traits manifest at specific intervals in life. It focuses on the philosophy that every seven years humans […]

8 Simple ways to create Thanksgiving every day.

How to Live in Gratitude Strive toward living a life in which every day is treated as a gift. Thanksgiving holiday will come and go, but there is no reason why we cannot […]

Road Signs intuition

Road Signs & the Art of Manifestation

Given the understanding of The Art of Manifestation it should be pointed out that if one does not look for, or cannot recognize Road Signs that show you are on the right path… […]


What are dreams for?

When we dream, we dream in cycles. What I received from spirit concerning this question is that we have three stages, as we are a three part being. Mind, Body, Spirit we are. […]

A meditation to align the chakra.

As many know the body is, at its most basic level, simply energy. And as such it has a process through which this energy is cycled and reused. In eastern mysticism energy is […]

Beyond the Minds Eye (a meditation)

Meditation for some seems impossible. I hear all the time people saying “Oh I can’t meditate” or things like “I just can’t shut off my mind so I can meditate” What I have […]