Thanksgiving Compassion

Something to ponder. Like many if not most of you I grew up in a meat and potatoes home. Entrees and mains were almost always meat with the occasional exception of pasta. We […]

family gratitude thanksgiving

Family Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Captured in a moment of time… this is my moms family of 12 children and my sweet grandma & grandpa at their home in Reedsburg Wisconsin. I was about 5 or 6 when […]

sister love memory

Memory Lane and the Now

They say there is no time in the afterlife, that “time” is an earthly creation. I have good reason to believe that they know what they are talking about so it makes sense […]

how to love and be loved

How to love and be loving

How many people know that you love them? Do people feel loved when they are around you or think of you? Perhaps the greatest gift we can give another and ourself is to […]

always be kind

Kindness is Created in Our Hearts

Always be kind Kindness is created in our hearts from the moment we are born, from the way our families respond to us as children, from what we are taught in our schools […]

spirit speaks class sarasota

Can I talk to my dead people myself

Can I talk to my loved one in spirit myself? Yes, you can learn or re-learn to touch into and connect with the energy of your own loved ones whose physical bodies are […]