A life lesson

… that moment when you realize, friends are dying of cancer, people you know, know people hanging on to life by a thread after a massive propane explosion, loved ones are missing from […]


Thanksgiving Compassion

Something to ponder. Like many if not most of you I grew up in a meat and potatoes home. Entrees and mains were almost always meat with the occasional exception of pasta. We […]

The 7 cycles of the 7 chakra

As an exploration of the developmental cycles of a human, this essay illustrates how certain character traits manifest at specific intervals in life. It focuses on the philosophy that every seven years humans […]

window to the soul

The Window to the Soul

Life… Energy… Love &¬†Kindness… Look beyond what your mind tells you is before you. Go past what you think you already believe. Go deeper, seek out what is ¬†genuine, what matters, what is. […]

lori marshall medium

Gratitude Exercises

A friend of mine named Su on Facebook invited me to do a 5 day gratitude exercise. My first thought was, “wow” I am grateful that I popped into her head!” and then […]

fresh young curious

Fresh Curious and Happy

Remember when you were a carefree child that played effortlessly? You ran in the rain, discovered all kinds of thing in the clouds, blew bubbles, and a simple sandwich with some carrot sticks […]