Cognitive Dissonance & Intuitive Development

What are the main reasons people can’t seem to develop their intuitive abilities? The short answer is disbelief, resulting from a lifetime of cultural conditioning. This is a major hurdle for some to get past […]

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Can I talk to my dead people myself

Can I talk to my loved one in spirit myself? Yes, you can learn or re-learn to touch into and connect with the energy of your own loved ones whose physical bodies are no longer […]


Spirit Speaks Class in Sarasota

Saturday July 26th & August 2nd, 1:30 – 3:15 pm $20 per class @ Radiance of Sarasota Spirit Speaks Connections, Questions & Answers  Join Spiritual Educators & Professional Mediums, Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders in […]

Mediums, Readings, and Misunderstandings.

Often times I hear someone talking about their experiences with other mediums. When people come to me for questions concerning their last reading with someone else, they are usually plagued with confusion. For instance I […]

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Spiritual Awakenings Radio Show

Spiritual Awakenings Radio Show Tune in tomorrow night – MONDAY the 17th of February @ 8:30 est. for a spiritually uplifting chat with us on The Drew Pillow Radio Show! We will be talking about mediumship, Death […]