reflections and memories

Spirit, Dreams and Memory Lane

Creating memories that bring joy and a smile to our faces is a pleasure and something we all intend on doing. When we think back to all the times we have shared with […]

Spirit portrait for the holidays

Spirit portrait for the holidays. What better way to celebrate the season than with a gift of spirit? Now for the holidays you can save a bundle on a portrait of your spirit […]

Novemeber News Classes and Gratitude

The Law of Giving… Always offer those you love experiences to nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Stimulate their soul. Living in appreciation and gratitude creates a love focused life. When we take […]

Psychic Mark

We were sitting on the porch last night and chatting about all things spiritual as usual. Mark was playing his guitar and I decided to interview him as I was curious about a […]


Breakfast Conversations: Sometimes when I sit with enlightened minds, I find wondrous conversations and keen insights arise out of the freshness of the new day. So when a friend says to me, “Put yourself in the space […]

Perception and Compassion

This man was sitting on the side of the road, on a calm spring morning. Stupefied he looked to the passers-by, many walked around. Men in suites, women in dresses and people walking their dogs. […]