Classes we Love to teach!

Words do not teach. True knowing comes from life experience. We offer these words, that they might stimulate your thinking. Truly, a teacher is a stimulator of thought. – Abraham Hicks

After creating and presenting  many classes and workshops that resonate true in our hearts, we have come to learn that we genuinely love the platform of teaching, sharing, and exchanging ideas with those that are spiritually hungry!

What joy and fulfillment we feel with each and every class we have facilitated, and completely enjoyed every precious interaction with  those that attended!

We would love to present one of these meaningful workshops or classes at your facility, venue or home.

Experiencing the Continuity of Life 

Come and enjoy an amazing journey into the most intriguing theories and incredible possibilities of an afterlife and find an understanding about modern mediumship. In this course, you will learn about: a) cultural foundations of rationalizing and denying death and common religious beliefs in the afterlife, b) scientific research into the relationship between NDE’s, mediumship, quantum theory, and metaphysics, and c) assessing the evidence to support the notion that death is a transitory phase, d) how to release fear of death to live a fuller more authentic life through the understanding of spirit communications. You will benefit from this class by experiencing: a) improved relationships, b) alleviation of grief, c) elimination of self-limitation, c) an understanding of your life’s purpose, and d) the realization that living from the heart brings lasting happiness, peace of mind, and prosperity. This course is a  multimedia production using lecture, presentation, powerpoint visuals, interactive and experiential activities. This presentation is designed to accommodate a: 1 day presentation 2 part workshop 3 part series . This course is designed for audiences from 10 to 100, for booking information please contact  here.

Here’s what they are saying about this course –

“Lori Marshall and Mark Sanders offered a first-class program tonight with a powerpoint presentation and a riveting narrative. These two know their subject inside & out, and answered questions on a wide range of topics. Their sources ranged from Kubler-Ross to The Dalai Lama as well as many scholars, theologians, and philosophers. A thoroughly enjoyable evening with Mark & Lori at The Open Center! What a great series of classes! So much positive feedback and lots of interest in future presentations and weekly meetings on these topics. Lori Marshall & Mark E. Sanders are passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and genuine – a rare combination indeed!” ~ Bob Waxman

This was  life changing! I was able to bring closure to some huge issues. ~JM

Intuitive by Nature – Trusting yourself 

We are all intuitive, but this ability often lies dormant, or we don’t know how to access, understand, or use it. Tapping into our instinctual messages offers us the opportunity to embrace a higher awareness. By focusing on experiencing life with passion and purpose it helps us to live our lives from the heart.

Why relearn intuitive thinking? It’s fun, uplifting, inspires and quickens your spiritual and personal growth. It enriches all areas of your life. We will work with exercises & tools designed to activate processes that you can use every day in your life to take your intuition to a whole new level! You will leave this class with new avenues to develop intuition and beyond.

This living room style class is offered as a one and a half  hour session, for booking information please contact us here. Private tutoring  available by appointment.

Spirit Communication for Personal Expansion

This  series of 4 sessions is designed to assist those who wish to develop a personal relationship with spirit for daily living. It is not intended as a development class for those seeking a professional mediumship practice. Through the methods we cover it is our intention to guide you to a clearer connection with your guides and loved ones. This series is for personal growth, expansion of consciousness, and communication with spirit loved ones. Small groups of friends and family are perfect!

This living room style class is offered as a one and a half  hour session, for booking information please contact us here. Class size limited to  ensure personal attention.

Private tutoring available by appointment.

Compassionate Living – Veg Talks 

Our VEG Talks are designed to bring you the facts about Veganism and dispel the myths.  Gain inspiration, balance and knowledge through transformative speaking. We will cover the 3 Foundations for Veganism and can customize our presentation to suite your needs.

We will bring you our years of experience as Vegans, Life Coaches and consciousness educators in a factual, productive and non-judgmental manner. We will present you with the facts, the latest information and statistics on Veganism and the Vegan lifestyle.

Contact us for more information on scheduling and coordinating a speaking engagement here.

What to do… before you die.
Check listings for upcoming dates.

We all die, whether expectedly or not. Death is a part of life.

Before I dieProper planning creates a powerful opportunity for the end-of-life to become a time of peace, closure and even healing for you and your loved ones. We will learn about, talk about, and make decisions about a wide range of issues related to death from traditional customs to modern options.

It’s a practical workshop, with activities, worksheets, resources and projects to help you prepare while embracing the reality of your mortality. Participants will receive a checklist and packets of information; instructional worksheets and valuable resources to help you get what you need completed and  the peace of mind to do it.

You will also get our web-link with a plethora of resources for every aspect of death, dying and thought provoking articles/videos we have selected from around the web.

We’ll do a few fun projects to get you ready to face your own mortality! This 2.5 hour workshop will give you some peace of mind about death while creating a more mindful way to do life.

  1. Your thoughts & feelings about death & dying
  2. What are your spiritual beliefs?
  3. Your “BUCKET LIST”
  4. Planning for a good death
  5. Health Care Issues, Living Will & Options
  6. Organ donation
  7. Plan your funeral arrangements, remains/ cremains
  8. Personal Communications with Your Family and Friends
  9. Last wishes (Will)
  10. Required End-of-Life Paperwork (Medical and Legal)
  11. How you would like to be remembered
  12. Create your forever memorials

This living room style class is offered as a 1.5 hour session, for booking information please contact us here.