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Spirit Communication

As a medium I am often asked how one can connect with their own loved ones who have made their transition. People also share experiences with me that have happened to them and wonder if it is real or just their imaginations or hopeful thinking. A good friend of mine occasionally hears her name being called, plain as day, and sometimes has her mother comes to her in dreams. Another friend smells the sweet scent of a cigar just like the one her father used to smoke when alive.  So is this real and how does one make themselves more aware of the sometimes subtle nuances from spirit loved ones and develop a stronger connection?

Yes, it is genuine. Everyone has the ability to connect with their own loved ones. Just because someone “dies” and leaves the physical body does not mean that you are somehow cut off from them and they just vanish! It really doesn’t. As you are an energetic being, they are still an energetic being.  You then must train your minds to open up to them in their non-physical state of energy. Talk to your loved ones in your mind as you would a friend who still lives on the earth plane. Sit quietly, be still, close your eyes and open your heart and realm of higher consciousness. Expand your own mind outside of your physical brain and ask them to join you in your comfortable and loving space.

While everyone has the right and ability to connect with their loved ones in spirit it does take some time and commitment to create your own space of allowing, accepting and listening. Spirit loved ones may not be great at trying to contact you from the other side either!  You have to take the time and develop this form of communication.  There is a dance that happens, and an exchange of energies. You may see them, hear them, feel them or experience other subtle ways of communicating.  Keep at it and know that the less you try to analyze it and figure it all out the closer you are to creating a wonderful and meaningful connection. Mediumship does not happen in the area of logic and reason!

Acknowledge your loved ones birthdays, hobbies and places they loved. Set out photographs, speak to them out loud, and refer to them in the present tense. Enjoy and appreciate the quiet time that you dedicated to your loved ones in spirit.

Spirit speaks… listen.


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