Consciousness to consciousness (part 2)

ConsciousnessContinues-postIt is the nature of our experience for our human mind to question the world we live within. It is this that drives us forward. We as a people have throughout time immemorial developed doctrine to point us to what others have ascertained as their truth. We turn to these treatises with reverence and acceptance because we know deep inside that there is more to the world than meets the eye. So we sit, and we listen to various guru’s, rabbis or pontiffs whom we deem qualified to tell us what lies beyond the grave. All the while filled with doubt and fear.

The greatest obstacle people experience here is fear. And the biggest fear of all is the fear of death. People have throughout time used  the fear of death to control and manipulate people. It is easy to see from the vast bloody history of our people that we have not only come along way out of the trees but still yet have much further to go. In recent times we have discovered through much research by some of the greatest minds in the world that there is another life beyond our epitaph.

So what?

Quantum physics shows us that our life here is subjective, that is to say, that even at the very smallest level our choices alter our universe and change the course of our life. It is an observable truth of our existence. Every time you turn a corner, decide what color to paint your walls you are manipulating your reality on a very tangible level. So, why then is it so difficult to comprehend that when you build your life, you are altering ever so intently the path of your life? Bringing forth unfoldment and continuing to create your world.

Within the vastness of human history we have been looking to death with fear, yet with that fear we have also been putting forth the intent to understand and to shed that fear. The NDE experiences, the past life regression, spirit communication, even in the wisdom in our oldest scriptures and scrolls; these all have come together to tell us something vital for our race to understand. And for the breadth of their message it offers us the answer to that oldest question allaying fear once and for all at our feet. We have been looking for the answers when they were right there in front of us all along.

Consciousness continues. The I that is me is the I AM of all there is. I was then, am now and always shall be. My physical form is but a shadow of the radiant energy that pulses with love from the very center of my being. I AM divinely created as a singular soul living a life in a body so my spirit can experience love and once again rejoin with source so we take that love back home. We are all reflections of the living God.