Consciousness to Consciousness

Consciousness-Continuity-of-LifeHow does one put into context such an abstract concept as the continuity of life?

What does this mean? The universe, creation whatever you want to call it is by our own admission beyond the ability for our earthly minds to grasp. So we deem it eternal, infinite, everlasting. We call the unknown, out of fear, heaven or hell and put a value on a concept we do not have words to truly express. This concept of the continuity of life is simply an expression to put into terms the nature of human existence. Life does in fact continue after the transition called death. And from our very beginnings on the road to consciousness we attempted to find proof of it.

Spirit communication, mediumship, near death experiences, past life regression, modern science, quantum mechanics, and yes… religion, are all describing the same phenomenon. That the consciousness of an individual survives the transition called death. The very nature of this expression of the divine has been debated for centuries. Even Plato and the ancients debated the depths of this most basic trait we all share called consciousness. It is what separates us from the rest of the animals on this planet. And since we achieved this distinction we have been on a long quest to understand why.

We are the who, we see the what, we keep track of the when, and we are perpetually bound to the where, but it is the why that drives us. Why do we see things that our rational minds ascertain are not there? Why has there, in recent times, become such a huge surge in paranormal interest, in metaphysical understanding, and in experiences where we are being shown that there is life beyond the grave.  Why?

Why indeed?

More to come, I will continue to post my thoughts on this concept… check back often!