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Coffee“Inside the Death Cafe: A Gathering Place For People to Talk About Dying”

People are gathering to discuss death and dying over tea and cake.

Recently Liz Langley, a writer from Alternet.org, attended one our Death Cafe’s and published an amazing article about her experience and what DC’s all about. If you’ve been curious about it, take a moment to see it through her eyes.



We appreciate the efforts of Liz Langley and present this article for your enjoyment.

by Liz Langley:

A woman at the Death Cafe, where we’ve gathered to discuss end-of-life issues, gets up to use the restroom. The group continues to  discuss matters related to shuffling off this mortal coil, like planning ahead for your family’s benefit, do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders and living meaningfully while you can. Suddenly someone realizes the woman has been gone a long time.

Uh oh. Has someone come to the Death Cafe…and died?

When the muffled “I’m okay!” comes from behind the bathroom door, a feeling of relief moves through the room. This kind of irony is fun to read about, but it’s not something you want to be present for.

This is a slice of life from a Death Cafe, a type of salon where people gather to discuss death and dying over tea and cake. The concept was developed by British website designer Jon Underwood and psychotherapist Sue Barksy Reid. They based their model on the cafe mortels developed by Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz in 2004. The first Death Cafe took place in Hackney, East London in 2011…
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