Death, dying and the afterlife

cemetery and funeral in prague
Cemetery and funeral in Prague, Czech Republic

We had a wonderful class last night at The Open Center here in Sarasota Florida! It was class 1 of a series of 3. It was delightful to be in a room full of participants that are seeking a new or deeper understanding of death, dying, the afterlife and mediumship!!

We believe it is extremely important to help raise the level of awareness about the afterlife and communicating with those that have made their transition back to the non-physical. Death and dying seem to remain pretty taboo and uncomfortable, especially in American culture. Fear appears to be the biggest factor. When we learn to embrace and understand the transition called “death” and that we are as much spirit now as we have ever been or will ever be, it should produce a liberation to live our current life experience to the fullest expression of ourselves that we can possibly be!

There are many explanations and conjectures about what happens when we die, ranging from scientific materialism to religious/spiritual views of immortality. Ideas about life after death impact how people approach death – and how they live their lives.

Embracing the true concept that our loved ones who are no longer in the physical form are still accessible and available brings a comfort and a knowing that creates a more positive life. I recently read that anyone that you have had a relationship with, an intimacy, a blending of an experience with becomes a part of who you are and will continue to be so. Yes, this includes our beloved animal friends. As mediumship IS consciousness to consciousness, of course we may continue to blend and experience all that we loved. How wonderful is that?

By understanding how humanity has dealt with death in the past and the present helps to put into perspective our understanding of death, dying and the afterlife. The afterlife is not some mythical place with judgement, winged creatures and a MAN that runs the show. Modern mediumship and science combined has proven this for a long time.

In the last 60 to 80 years in particular we have alienated death and the dying. Now people mostly die in the hospital. They are scooted to the morgue and are painstakingly made to look like they are sleeping, and then elaborately preserved.

In today’s society, in America in particular, death has become taboo. We have changed the name of the parlor, to the living room in order to remove death from our homes. People rarely die at home any more. Death is swept under the rug today and people feel distant from their loved ones whom have died.

In the past, many early burial rites were performed to appease the spirits of the dead. Most cultures are attached to the physical body and have developed traditions regarding the treatment of the corpse.  The beliefs surrounding death have produced many rituals that have paved the way for many practices concerning the treatment of the dead in an attempt to rationalize death and ease fears. Many superstitious traditions are still practiced today.

Through fear and control from many organized institutions, dogma, and poorly written books, communicating with our loved ones in spirit is forbidden or frowned upon creating a disbelief, and what happens when we make the transition is nonsensical.  In our opinion in 2013, the real question should be, why would one NOT believe?

Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is no different from taking off a suit of clothes one no longer needs. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow.

~ Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Class 2 is November 5th, see our calendar for details.

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