Mark Sanders

Mark-Sanders-Sarasota-Medium-PsychicHi, I’m Mark. I’m very pleased you’re here…

… let me tell you a bit about “me”
          we’ll talk about you after we schedule a reading!

I’m a professional Life Coach, Medium, Psychic Advisor, Spiritual Educator, and Spirit Artist. Additionally I work as a Conscious Aging Co-Facilitator through IONS (Institute Of Noetic Sciences) the research facility founded by NASA Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

Currently I am an author with four books now in print. The Reflective Soul is my most recent project which has been completed and is available on Amazon. Two of the four are poetry, while the other two deal with enlightenment and consciousness. Articles I have written can be found in many local, national, and international magazines both in print and online. I’m a Spirit Artist and have written blog, after blog, after blog… here, on Continuity of Life.

We, my beloved Lori and I, co-founded COL in concept in 2010  as a means to express our combined passion for consciously living our lives and assisting others with finding their truest nature, and acting accordingly. With our combined talents and training we work amazingly as a team for teaching, and a reading with either of us alone is a completely different experience. We work differently, but we work together with balance and great joy.

Joy is in essence the act of experiencing love in the present moment.

What ever the reason you can rest assured that a reading with me will be genuine and honest. Some of the most important things anyone working in this field should have is integrity, and honesty.

I look forward to working with you to help you create a better you.