Evolution of Spirit

I propose for a moment for arguments sake we look at the process of evolution as non-linear.

To understand this you would have to change your perspective of linear time. Think of creation as an ever-expanding now. Now is the moment that matters, there was no beginning there will be no end. What is… has now and forever has been as it is, a transforming evolutionary moment. The process of evolution is not akin to the evolution of a species over time, but in its connection to other species within the tree of life.

The tree of life refers to a branching of species that are inter-related to the whole of. The branching shows that we did not evolve from monkeys, we evolved quite separate from them on a completely different branch. It is not important if we regard our origins as some distant moment in the past, only that our species evolved to contain the spark of creation. Our spirit was created in its current form from the ether we are surrounded by. And our human body was created from the matter of creation as an expression of the divinity within. The shard of creation that is the human soul needed a vessel to contain its essence to experience duality. We are related to other species because the ultimate form of expression of divinity is a vessel that could contain the human spirit.

Just as the expression or the soul of the monkey needed that form to express itself, man required this form to evolve, to comprehend and to learn the lessons that will lead the soul along it’s path of enlightenment.

Man is related to the monkey through a commonality of the evolution of creation as it sought to discover its most beautiful expression of itself… Man. The monkey and the man are related because of their similarity to that divine shape that is the creation known as man. The monkey is a reminder to reflect upon the divinity within our form. Yes, our DNA is 98% or so the same… DNA is a finite measurement to an infinite number of possibilities. All of which are a portion of creation.

So as creation creates itself, along the way we find moments, which fade out of the memory of man… for, he is mortal and finite. The concept of evolution as seen through the eyes of the now brings us closer to the divinity within each of us as an expression of creation. We are each one of us an expression of creation. Each bound to every living creature on the planet. We all share similar DNA. It is the building block of life. It is the dust with in which we are made. If we are all bound to the same formula it stands to reason that our creative process would be the same because we were created on the same hunk of rock and were made from the same chemical components, proteins and minerals that make up the periodic table of elements which came to earth to create us from the stars.

The instant of creation is simply the moment of our entrance into this linear existence from spirit, which exists outside of time. It is a concept to define the beginning of our individual creation. The universe has always been here… evolving. As has the human spirit. It is our concept of linear time brought about by the progression of memory that binds us to this creation and keeps us mortal in the physical plain. There is no yesterday, just as there is no tomorrow. Our existence in this form is temporarily fixed upon a finite point across infinity to teach us lessons on the progression of the spirit or the soul on its journey down the road to the realization of our own expression of divinity.

Today, in this moment, we find that people are living longer; fewer infants are dying.  The human population is booming.  The consciousness of the self is constantly being bombarded with new information, new experiences.  Creation goes on, and the consciousness of the universe is ever expanding, as is the universe itself.  The self is ever expanding, ever growing.

“That which does not grow… dies.” ~ Chinese Proverb

There are many more humans here than once were, and the increased cumulative consumption of the resources of our planet is ever more beginning to take its toll. In that there is an increase in the consumption rates of resources and no method to replenish them it stands to reason a point of harmony / balance must take place.  This is the problem we face in our time.  Critical Mass; it is the culmination of a world where mankind seems to be growing beyond the capacity of the Earth to support us.

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.” ~ Michael Ellner

When you place a plant in a pot, does it not eventually outgrow the pot? If you do not replant it in a larger vessel the plant will fill the confines of the pot until it can no longer derive nutrients for its growth. The same works for how our civilization has gown. Overpopulation and overuse of resources inevitably causes stunted growth and a decline in quality of life for all forms of life.

This is apparent in the observable world.  Look at Global Warming for instance.  Our planet is in fact beginning to warm.  Regardless of whether or not you believe mankind is solely responsible, the fact remains that there is a cycle to the planets warming and cooling trends. Over the course of tens of billions of years we go through thousands of cycles of Ice ages, floods and droughts, fires, famine, pestilence… extinctions. If we ignore the signs what will happen to us, what will happen to our planet?

To answer this question we must first look to the topic of growth, and spiritual evolution. We are all born with the necessary biological processes we need. Over time our bodies deteriorate, and memory decays into the past. From the time we emerge from the womb we begin the long process of death. Our bodies grow larger and become stronger, but the tissues are actually in a state of constant decay and re-growth. Although we have the potential to improve our strength, dexterity and knowledge, every organ in our bodies is falling apart. Nevertheless, while we are slowly dying our minds and souls are in a constant state of expansion. This is somewhat of an enigma, as time progresses our intellect expands while our body decays.

When a child is born, they are soon made aware of what is good and bad. I am hungry I need food, the feeling is perceived as negative. The infant soon learns that by using its voice it can produce a positive change in its surroundings. This is a building block for how the child continues to learn. This is not necessarily the first lesson, but definitely a lesson of good and bad. As a child grows, so does its perception of this all-important concept. It is a step on the path of attaining knowledge. In our daily life on this planet, we adults are continually bombarded with the duality of good and bad, right from wrong, etc.  Every action we do is a lesson in the building of our intellects and eventually forming wisdom. This wisdom is attained and we begin to understand the world, and to experience the universe the divine intellect has created for us.  We are all here in this world for a purpose; all of us are here to experience life, in all of its diversity to expand our intellect, our understanding, and our soul.  It is up to us to learn from what has been laid out before us.

 In a universe of infinite possibilities, and infinite diversity, it only stands to reason that our true purpose is to grow, experience, explore and to ultimately understand what we are and where we come from to better prepare for where we are going.

Mankind is a vastly complex organism; we inhabit space, we perceive the passage of time, we consume, we grow, and we die.  We are not simply a randomly occurring phenomenon, humans are unique, and we are self-aware; yet disconnected from the other species. As well as for the most part each other. This is because we are one within a shell. It is only through breaking this shell open and becoming the change we wish to see in others that we attain inner peace. As we see how the remainder of the animal kingdom seems to be connected to one another, we can recognize how we exist as a part of this vastly larger organism called Earth.

In that time is only relevant on the earth plane, it stands to reason that time is irrelevant on the spiritual plane. The concept that mankind changes over time and evolves as a species over time is not relevant to our individual spiritual progression.  We cannot change the state that we are currently in; the human form. We can only influence its state, its health and it’s connection to the realm of spirit.

Existence here as we know it has been described as being part mind, part body, and part spirit; so we may ask where does each part exists?

The body is obvious; it is the physical manifestation of your soul. It can be seen, and it can be touched.  Mind is the inner portion of our being. It is that part of us, which we access to rationalize the world we sense all around us; only you can hear it. The sprit extends beyond the confines of the physical; its intention and emotion can be felt when near to someone and conveyed over great distances.

Each portion is interconnected and dependent upon each other for maintaining life. When you intuit someone, you are sensing their energy field, their aura… you are feeling the extension of their spirit energy that extends in all directions outward from the physical body.

The evolution of spirit of an individual person does not affect the evolution of the individual physical body. It is only through a cumulative expansion of consciousness that the species evolves. The more incarnated souls that achieve enlightenment and bestow that knowledge and wisdom to others in successive generations is the only way the species can evolve. The evolution of the species is a direct result of the spiritual growth of the individual soul as it strives to serve others on the earth plane.

We are borne into our corporeal earth suit because the earth suite has been designed exclusively for the environment of the earth to contain the ever-evolving spirit of the individual. Our physical form as a human has evolved over time in order to contain the ever-expanding consciousness of our soul as it progresses through the path to illumination commonly referred to as atonement.

The concept of the trinity of existence, the Mind, Body, Spirit complex is continually evolving with every moment. But because we are timeless in spirit and ever expanding our understanding of the universe on mass we are perpetually evolving spiritually. The physical body of man, our earth suite changes over time to adapt to the perpetual increase in spiritual knowledge.

The mind of the individual may access more of it’s potential. The soul is infinite, everlasting, eternal… it has always been, and therefore the expansion of the container must be equally as infinite. We give birth to children that will be human just as we came from humans. The idea that we evolved over time into what we are is directly relevant to our spiritual growth. The body must evolve in order to contain the evolving spirit, though the effect of spiritual progression is not as apparent in the evolution of the body.

The evolution of our species is not that we will have some genetic mutation that will become dominant and humanity becomes something else. The form we are in is a mere representation of our spirit. So as we evolve spiritually we will not recognize the evolution of the body. The world we live in is here for us to evolve in spiritually, and over time the body changes to adapt to the evolving spirit of the individual within. This is part of natural law.

As we progress we become more in tune with the process of evolution. The concept is not bound to the narrow view of changes over time in physical attributes; on the contrary, the physical attribute of evolution is a result of the spiritual evolution. Spiritual evolution is not a result of physical evolution, physical evolution is a result of spiritual evolution. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, part of that human experience is growth, and through growth and attainment of wisdom comes spiritual enlightenment.

The planet, Gaia, continually keeps mankind in check. It, being the planet, is part of the divine plan. We are as dependent on this living conscious rock we live on as it is upon us. This evolution so often spoken of is not just a process of man. It is a process of the Earth as well. We are evolving because that is the nature of the world. We must follow natural law. Natural law, or universal law dictates that all things must grow or die off. Natural selection shows us this. High vibrational entities evolve because that is in the edict of natural law. The planet is evolving perpetually with or without us. If we are to survive we must recognize our place within natural law.

So as we consume resources, scar the surface, burn forests and spread across Gaia our will, our numbers and our destruction; our home reacts to this by way of producing a “natural disaster” or “swats” at the mosquito on its back using its natural biological and conscious actions. This is showing us the existence of an entity so vast that we are now only beginning to recognize the divine intelligence that guides its actions.

Our evolutionary process is tied hand in hand with the evolution of the world around us as it changes over time. As we achieve higher and higher states of being, we experience these achievements perceived in the world we live within. This is the natural order of things. Man evolves in unison with Gaia, as the planets vibrational energy level increases man is naturally altered by the dynamic of cause and effect.

So, when we look at the question of bad people trying to run the world, we must remember that these concepts and actions are transient in comparison to the greater scope of human evolution. These high placed individuals that put out such negative light are inconsequential to my own personal evolutional growth. They are influential on your life only if you allow them to be. In the greater scheme of things… they too will die. Just as I will… just as you will.

What matters is your now. How you express your spirit from within your earth suite. The caporal is transient… the spirit eternal. The caporal evolves, but only if the spirit is willing and has learned the lessons that the world is there to teach.

Our population is growing, and our governments cannot keep up with this expansion… Perhaps they are not supposed to. Evolution will not wait for governments to say it is happening. Evolution is not a bus that we can get on and come along for the ride. Evolution is a conscious decision that we all must make to better the world we live in. We must consciously raise our vibration; we must consciously be the change in the world we want. We have to envision a better world to manifest it.

Evolution comes when we rise beyond the muck and the mire of the mundane trappings of our life and stand up in service of our fellow man, light the pathway ahead and actively lead them to the light by walking toward it ourselves and becoming the change we wish to manifest in the world.

You cannot actively convince anyone of anything of the spiritual world because most people are so engrained in their own physical state that they cannot see beyond the veil of our flesh and it’s needs. It is only the continuity of life and harmony with the world around us that truly matters.

Those among us who are attempting to control the material world. These are not enlightened souls. For the truly enlightened soul would strive not to control, but to release, not to manipulate, but serve… not murder, diminish nor de-power… the truly enlightened soul is an expression of love and compassion dedicated to service for the betterment of mankind.

Have you ever noticed how there never seems to be enough time to really look at just how beautiful a gift life is? Yet at the same time there are those among us who live in a world where life is not a beautiful… the afterlife is. There is a fundamental difference in the way we perceive our world in conjunction with how we perceive another’s. Gaping the lines between these cultural differences is a major stepping-stone to achieving peace and harmony in the world.

The difficulty lies in altering, or allowing ourselves to alter our willingness to understand and accept the differences in the first place. The current state of the world is too segregate for us to gape the boundaries. The difference is also dependant on willingness to listen to the others perspective and take it into our understanding fully.

We lie between these differences and they plague our consciousness because of the way in which we were indoctrinated into the world. In our segregation from birth and growth throughout our adolescence we are isolated. This isolation is periodically tested and the boundaries have been ever decreasing between the cultural differences for quite some time.

The information age is upon us. The ability to communicate globally is for the first time in our existence… here in the now. IT IS AT OUR HANDS. The people of this planet have a voice.

In ancient times civilizations lived for thousands of years at a stretch. We are living in a time where cultures change and civilizations are rebuilt in mere decades. And our interrelationships as diversified populations have been changing in mere years. While this is happening we must maintain an even keel or we will be buried in the sands of time like so many of our ancestors civilizations. This repetition is as the waves of time rising with the inevitable ebb and flow of the ever-beating heart of the cosmos.

As a culture, for the first time we have the means and the tools at our hands to make a difference in how the world gets along. It is time to grow up as a civilization and act globally. Thinking globally and taking a look at how our varied civilizations interact with each other and accepting each other for our differences is the only way to coexist as a people, as humans, and as immortal souls. For deep inside, we all want and need for the same things.∞