Finding your Joy

Finding your joyRemember when the little things made you laugh, play and be filled with joy? That part of your life when simple nonsensical moments became outrageous folly and uncontrollable fits of amusement that made your sides ache?  That stage of your life when there was no time and you could find yourself entranced by lying on green grass and finding poodles in the clouds, or chasing the glowing tail end of fireflies in the night. If blowing dandelion seeds and making wishes feels like a lifetime ago, or even moments ago, it is be time to remember how to live your life with abandon and courageously jump for JOY!

That inner-child, all wide eyed and bushy tailed, curious, and filled with a million questions and wonder is still there. You are still that you, that expression of perfection and grandeur. Contemplative, desiring, imaginative and oh so wonderful! You may just need to dust off a few notions you have allowed yourself and others to dump on your genuine self. All those spoon fed should haves, could haves, and the don’ts and cant’s, that helped create the cookie-cutter and paper doll existence you now find squishing your Joy! Dust them all off and go for the gusto… this is YOUR life after all.

Make a play date with yourself and overindulge, throw a tea party for one and embellish yourself some sweet treats. Throw caution and opinion to the wind and move into that space where love and laughter rule.  Fall in love with your life and decide to explore the possibilities of pure bliss. Get satisfied with you, the loving, smart, fun and amazing You! Create and hand deliver invitations to your “I am loving life party” that are sealed with your kiss. Share the joy, nurture it in yourself and others, and savor every delicious moment. After all, imagination and participation are the creation of your perception which is your reality. Let the Fun begin!

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