Forgiveness Hope Questions and Challenges Sandy Hook

loss grief compassionThere is an enormous number of truly inspiring and spiritual people on our amazing planet earth. People that are internationally known for these attributes and contributions to our society on a global scale and the many, many  everyday people in our own towns, neighborhoods and families. The Super Soul Sunday interview below proves this fact one more time. I encourage everyone to watch it and grow from it as I have.

I just watched the following video for the second time, find it at the end of this article.  It is an interview with  Francine and David Wheeler who are the parents of Ben, one of the 26 people that lost their lives in the Sandy Hook tragedy. It shows true courage, love, and spirituality. It is a difficult subject to talk about yet this interview really brings out some raw emotions, questions, and  hope. This interview and all the beautiful lessons in it are a must see for everyone. It is about living openly and from the heart, and living in love and not fear.

Oprah sits down for an emotional conversation with David and Francine Wheeler who tragically lost their six-year-old son Ben in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012.

The Wheelers share their journey of heartache and courage with astounding grace, spirit and wisdom.  To honor Ben, whom they describe as “our light,” they have committed to turning their tragedy into transformation. The Wheelers describe what they have discovered about living with an open heart in order to heal, and how they strive to find common ground when it comes to seeking solutions to gun violence in our country.

As I was writing this I noticed that a new report about the killer, Adam Lanza,  had just been released. We tend to forget the other side of the tragedies.. the killer and their friends and families, which produces more raw emotion,  questions and concerns.  The fact that he was a young person with severe mental health issues, had many of the same wants and needs as all that lost their lives at his hand, possibly a mother filled with terror and and hopelessness, and  that there appeared to be nothing being done to sort all of his issues out. Then there is the whole side of the weapons he had access to. Tragedy knows many forms.

Tragedy, heartache, despair, grief… and the compassion, wisdom, and genuine courage and love that the interview with the Wheeler family left me with. David Wheeler’s statement that the only memorial that matters to him is the way he lives his life, and how they as a couple are encouraging change to make a safer world. As David stated “There can’t be a single person in this world in their right mind that thinks this is ok.” They said they are advocates for love and common sense  and finding sensible answers. David said “people hang onto their beliefs very very strongly so let’s find  out why we are hanging onto their things.

Perfect truth from the Wheeler’s – Everyday when you wake up in the morning you are making every decision out of fear or out of love. That’s all there is. How do we make this shift away from fear?

I have to completely agree with Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) “The lessons of this report are simple,” he said. “We must improve school security, increase mental health services and require background checks for all gun purchases so we can keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people.”

Let’s try to live from a place of love, live a heart-focused and centered life for ALL living creatures to create a better world .

I signed the Sandy Hook Promise to help create the needed shift…

Super Soul Sunday –



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