Fresh Curious and Happy

fresh young curiousRemember when you were a carefree child that played effortlessly? You ran in the rain, discovered all kinds of thing in the clouds, blew bubbles, and a simple sandwich with some carrot sticks and apple slices were beyond delicious? You played hard and slept soundly and dreamed wildly!

I was walking my greyhound Indra tonight and the sky BURST into tears and poured down upon as. Well, my Indra hates getting wet so I scurried down the sidewalk and got him back inside fairly quickly. After I toweled him off I looked back outside and was bedazzled by the POURING rain, the sound, the fresh smell, and the way my hair and clothes were dripping into a puddle on the floor. OPPORTUNITY! I grabbed my 15 year old and said “let’s go play” and we ran out into the rain. Within minutes we were positively drenched and feeling renewed. The rain was incredibly warm as it pooled up in the sidewalk cracks and flowed over our feet, and delightful on our faces as we looked to the sky.

Within a few minutes my partner Mark and his 13 year old were right behind us as we all walked around and enjoyed our new found expression of joy! Amazing how such a simple thing can take one back to a simple memory, a time of abandon and wonder. It was wonderful!! The rain began to subside and we went back in the house, changed into dry clothes, and felt positively alive!

Having a fresh and curious approach to every day can bring wondrous changes to your attitude, outlook and spirit!