Fund Raiser at the Sarasota Selby!

We’re excited to be donating our time again
this year for the Selby Library’s Annual Fund Raiser…


We will be on hand giving readings upstairs
in the large glass room. 

We are happy to donate our time for this event and give something back to the community where we live. What better way to say thank  you to the Selby for all of the books we ourselves borrow and read each year. Library’s are a vital part of our society, and as we move deeper into the digital age it is important to remember that though many books are available on your kindle and nook, nothing beats the feeling and the smell of an old book. The pages can take you anywhere your heart can imagine and expand your mind with each passing word.

So please, by all means come to the Selby Janyary 6th meet us, get a reading, and donate some funds to the Library and say thank you with us.

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