Give the Gift of Spirit

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T’is The Season

The season to remember that our moments here are to be used full, wisely, fearlessly and from the heart. Our daily lives can be lived in the spirit of the holidays.
Take a look at all the splendor around you. Embrace what you see as good and return like for like. One thing to be mindful of during this season is to follow at all times the Golden Rule; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Remember to go out ever day in the spirit of giving and strive to radiate with compassion to others. All faiths share the golden rule in some form at their core. Knowing this we find that once you take the golden rule into account, every thing else written down is commentary. The stories are parables that illustrate instances of its application.

So as this season goes on, and the coming year stretches out ahead, remember to be kind to all living things. Be respectful of the feelings of others. Be charitable in the observation of those less fortunate. Be forgiving of all those whom you have had transgression. Be simple in your needs. Return good deeds for gratitude. Be conscientious when someone is having a bad day, and present words of love and kindness.

If you must give a gift this season, give a gift of yourself. That is the true spirit of the holiday. Be not of material things… be giving of self and love fully.

With deep love and gratitude,

Lori & Mark

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