Gratitude Exercises

lori marshall mediumA friend of mine named Su on Facebook invited me to do a 5 day gratitude exercise. My first thought was, “wow” I am grateful that I popped into her head!” and then I thought about how even though I intend to live daily in gratitude, I wanted to do this more focused exercise!

Here is day 1 in Gratitude-

Today I express gratitude for walking in a soft rain under a beautiful rainbow set against pieces of clear blue sky spattered with puffs of white. The fact that I was with my dearest Mark and beloved Indra made the moment really special. Simple bliss. Grateful I took the moment to enjoy the natural beauty and loved ones. I really enjoy rain… the smell, sensation and sound.
I express gratitude for getting to see some new photos of my son Sparky looking like he was enjoying himself, and in awe of how mature and whole he is becoming. As I miss him to pieces I am always happy when his face pops up on facebook! 
Lastly I have gratitude for laughter and joy that flood over and through me often as I experience each day! 

and  day 2

Today my gratitude focuses on life and how our experiences here… in the now… are exceptional and amazing! I am at the point in my life where I can say that I am super comfortable in my skin, no longer needing to fuss or be concerned with what someone else’s idea of what “attractive, smart, successful or interesting” is. I am confident enough to talk to strangers, burst into song whenever the mood strikes me and stay in my underwear all day as I work. I can go out without make-up, being dolled-up or really thinking about how I “look.” I can put pink in my hair or blue on my lips and not even care if I have larger hips (had to rhyme) and be just so very fine with life as I know it! 
So I am grateful that I am aging, for all that has been and that which may still come. I am seriously happy to not be so serious and I am braver and bolder than ever before. And kind.. yes, I am truly understanding the fullness of being kind and living from the heart. 


as I re-read both of these today, I feel that we all do in fact come into this life experience to love and learn and we are all gloriously at different stages of development  and levels making it crucial to try to always be kind and live with love in our hearts.


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