Grief, Loss and Connecting to Spirit

connecting to loved ones in spiritWe never walk alone…

How many of you have ever felt alone, lonely, not fully connected to others or self in a way you truly desire?  I believe that most, if not all of us have had these feelings and emotions at some or several points on this journey.  We may feel alone when changes happen in our lives, new jobs, retirement, a new location, new neighborhoods, or new groups of people.

Often time’s large life events or lifestyle changes send us into loneliness, feelings of abandonment, fear of the unknown, or losing control over what we think we had control over. Birth, death, anniversaries, birthdays, and any kind of remembrance of what we believe we are supposed to have or be in our life and have lost or are unhappy with can produce a sense of emptiness, even dread.

Our lives can become tarnished with grief when our lives or our circumstances change. Loss seeps into our being and can become consuming making us feel like we are living in a lonely bubble while the rest of the world keeps marching on. Nothing outside of us seems to skip a beat when one is sitting in the pain and sadness of loss.  People still shop, laugh, dance, and the sun still shines brightly. It is only within our surreal space of aloneness and grief that we feel disconnected from humanity.

Grief has no set of rules, no timeframe, or certainly no steps to take until we crawl out of it. Grief and loss will look and feel differently to all who experience it. As with life itself, there is no right or wrong way of experiencing it, as the lessons needed from all emotions are valuable.  People will use whatever way they know to work with it so they can experience what they need that lies ahead.

Some of us turn to family, friends, religion, gurus while some may take solace in total solitude. Finding oneself again when our world changes dramatically can be difficult and seem never ending. May I say that while there is no right way to work with loss and grief, I can assure you that if you allow yourself to take a good glimpse inside of yourself and outside of yourself things may prove to be less heavy and discouraging.

Start by allowing yourself to go within and discover all the treasures that do exist, the biggest gem being you, yes you! Remember all that you have ever been, to all that you have been with and most importantly all that you are. As each and every life touches so many others and spreads out beyond what we will ever actually know, your life is not only important but extraordinarily amazing. Look in that mirror and smile once in awhile, look deeply, and love every molecule of your being.

Now step outside of that wonderful self and take a good glimpse at all that there is, all that you can partake in and be thankful.  Be grateful for the song the birds are singing, the flowers in bloom, and the air that you breathe deeply into your body. Appreciate those that have ever touched your life, for every moment you have had in this life experience.  Open daily to the world around you and the opportunities that may arrive.

Just as you are a glorious bundle of energy, a spark of the divine, a part of the whole, we are all interconnected, all of us. Those who rebirth back into the non-physical form – the so-called death – that we have shared a piece of this life with, those that we will forever love are still with us. They walk with us and stay involved with our lives as much as we will observe or allow. Their love, like their energy, draws near when we think of them, talk to them or long for them. Some souls we have danced with on the physical earth plane actually become our guides, our teachers, or our angels. These names we place upon them all intertwine and depend upon our beliefs. There is much comfort, and fortitude from acknowledging and working with these energies!

So you see, from what I have learned and experienced thus far, we are never ever really alone in this lifetime, unless we absolutely desire to be. There is a continuity of life, of energy, that we need not feel separate or isolated from. Sit quietly, in stillness and allow yourself to believe and to know that we walk with loved ones.

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