Grief Loss Compassion

Renewal spiritWe just finished watching the interfaith service for the people of Boston. How beautiful it was. People coming together in grief and confusion to be lifted up again with new hope, faith, love and compassion.

That is why these things happen, these tragedies that effect so many, even on a global scale. Those who volunteered to go home to spirit, to suffer injury and to grieve so that we could rebuild our power, our love and self-discipline . For solidarity – united in strength and renewal.

A remembrance of how amazing it is to be here on earth experiencing life, all of it, and a remembrance of why…

Live in love and embrace this opportunity of life fully and completely. We all posses that spark of the divine, that brightness and light that resides in our inner core, our spirit. Release it daily and share it with passion in all that you do.

In Love & Light~~

Lori and Mark xoxo

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