Groups are the trend


There’s a growing Trend on Facebook these days, and we’ve decided to jump on it as a way to connect with more people and create interactivity!  Groups are becoming the place where people are coming together and discussing things they would normally be a little cautious about. Safe, respectful and completely valid good old conversation!

Wall posts are great, but if you want to get on-board with a discussion about a topic, hash tagged groups are on the rise. More and more people and businesses are trending into a group environment. The ability for discussions and a place to go to have them is becoming a powerful marketing tool. Let’s talk about it, be creative and connect with like minded people.

We would like to invite you to join our groups on Facebook. We have 3.

First of all we have: Continuity of Life’s group.
A gathering place to share thoughts about the Spiritual world, Mediumship, spirit communication, the afterlife, life, death, dying and the power of consciousness. Our intention here is to create a comfortable and secure space for mediums and those wanting to learn or share about the topics listed.

Finally there’s the group: When the IMpossible happens.
If you’ve had any type of paranormal experience such as: near-death, out-of-body, mystical or afterlife communications/ sightings, spiritually transformative events or any other unique perceptions beyond the (5) senses – please come and share your experiences with others. Even if you haven’t had such experiences, but are interested in such phenomena – you are most welcome to join the conversation or come to a meeting.

Next we’ve created the group: Sarasota Death Cafe’
Come talk about life and death!This is an open, respectful and friendly atmosphere where people can express their views about death, dying and life. Please feel free to post questions, comments, and photos about this subject!

Care to share your thoughts? Leave a comment, we reply to all!