Harmony & Balance

Harmony & Balance

Acquiring Inner Peace

Inner peace is not some mystical concept, which we can only obtain through pilgrimages, dogmatic ritual, or a sudden awakening at some distant point at the end of our life. It is a state of being that takes into account the simple premise of I Am. I Am is a philosophy spoken about throughout many ancient texts concerning the God source.

In order to attain inner peace it is first necessary to understand what the concept means. Inner peace is not simply feeling happy; it is the process of aligning yourself with your truest nature. When you reach a state of harmony with mind, body, and spirit you acquire inner peace. What this means is; what the mind imagines is only attained when one has achieved a state of harmony between the physical and metaphysical realms; when body is in harmony with the mind through the presence of spirit. It is attained when we realize that we reap what we sow and we choose to sow seeds which are of the highest and best quality.

There is a trinity that forms the symbol of the scale (1 point in the fulcrum and one point at each weight pan) each part of the Mind, Body; Spirit complex occupies one of these points. When any part of the equation is requiring excess attention to maintain, balance is upset. As any point can be the fulcrum or in one of the two weight pans any excessive focus on a one point disturbs the balance and the entire apparatus of your life becomes disharmonious. This keeps you from attaining inner peace. The part that is receiving less attention suffers and thus causes dis-ease. It is only through equalizing these three aspects of your experiences that you meet inner peace.

Look at any part of the mind, body, and spirit complex as the fulcrum of the scale. When one of the two remaining is the focus it upsets the balance of the equation thus resulting in a disharmonious experience, otherwise known as stress.

  1. If your work is in an environment where the mind is active and the body is sedentary the spirit suffers a disharmony and dis-ease can take hold ie. Depression, high blood pressure, ulcers, excessive weight…
  2. If you focus on the physical, without stimulating the mind the spirit becomes restless and disharmony and die-ease can result ie. Depression, Ego, self centeredness and callousness…
  3. If you spend your time completely absorbed within the realm of spiritual activities the mind absorbed in thought, and the body reacts with dis-ease. This can take hold and manifest in anxiety, delusions, and a weakened state.

When any one of these elements is disharmonious it affects the remaining two. Therefore it is essential to equalize your focus on all three aspects to achieve the desired balanced equation of your life.

Attaining inner peace, how do you do it?

Your intuition gives you guidance by aligning your path in a way that promotes a favorable outcome. This assists you in the attainment of balance in your life. By balancing your hopes and desires with your understanding of truth you achieve happiness. When our desires are allowed to define us we cause our essence to become restless.

The simplest of notion is often the most difficult to accept. You are a divine creation and you are co-creating your own reality along side and with creation itself.

Defining inner peace:

  1. Inner peace is a result of the acceptance of personal responsibility.
  2. Inner peace is dependant on the realization of self worth.
  3. Inner peace is achieved through eliminating negativity.
  4. The following are key points in our lives, which produce the greatest negativity:
  • The preoccupation with material gains
  • Allowing ourselves to be defined by what we do
  • Allowing ourselves to be defined by what we have
  • Allowing someone else to tell us who we are
  • Allowing someone else to tell us we need something
  • Allowing someone to tell us something is wrong with us
  • Accepting someone else’s opinion as our own
  • Telling yourself you can’t have what you want
  • Telling yourself you don’t deserve the good life

It all comes down to the elimination of the concept of “not…”
& the realization of “am…”

Personal Responsibility

In order to attain inner peace it is necessary to reach a point of acceptance of personal responsibility. Upon the realization of the need to overcome some obstacle in your life, you must change your perception of the obstacle from an insurmountable wall to a conquerable hurdle, which is in all reality an opportunity to make a choice about your path. When you take the moment for what it is and except that you are about to change the course of your life, you will find that you are the only one who has control over the direction you are taking. The execution of personal responsibility is nothing more than the execution of free will. When you pass this point attain the first step towards balance, which leads to inner peace.

You have to take this expression of free will and accountability into your moment and not be distracted by your future. This is where the acceptance of your now comes in. That moment has nothing to do with this one any more than something, which happened 6 years ago, does… nor is it about what is coming from the choice. As you focus on this moment and remove the negative connotation that is attached to the concept of an “obstacle” and transform that energy into an “Opportunity” which has a much more positive energy. You begin to bring in your own concept of balance and harmony because you are not struggling with yourself. When you look at every experience in life as an expression of divine energy you realize that since energy cannot be created nor destroyed you are simply transforming what ever energy you come into contact with into an expression of your divine will thus taking on personal responsibility.

 The road to inner peace is paved with acceptance of your responsibility. This is not to say that one must dwell in the past and continually beat oneself up over what they have done. This simple means you need to live your moment with purpose, and that purpose is unequivocally that you are here to experience the world you are co-creating. Though our individual path may have many purposes it is through this recognition that we achieve inner peace. Acceptance of responsibility simply means that in this moment I am deciding what direction I am going to take based in part on what I have learned thus far in my life I am in the process of creating. With each decision I direct my path and I am the only one who can.

There are no outside influences that make my decisions for me. There are no vehicles that can take me away from my path unless I allow it to, which is in and of itself a decision. Therefore if I allow someone to influence me I am the one responsible for that decision to have been made…

Inner peace is a direct result of accepting your role in the universe is simply to be a part of it as it unfolds. This makes every decision you make yours and are responsible for your role and no one else’s. You are creating the universe as you experience it.

Self Worth

People have an uncanny knack for diminishing their value of themselves. Throughout our lives we continually reevaluate our image, and define our self worth as the world has shown us. When we take what society tells us is important and bring it within our lives we strengthen the bond of how it has control over us. Our image of self is dependant on our level of contentment within our life. And as we become accustom to this induced state of self-realization we find that there are things we need to be happy.

This is not the case. There are no outside influences, which can tell you what you are worth. Self worth is simply a way for an individual to judge themselves against outside stimuli. If you find that you are successful or unsuccessful in business it is because someone has at some point told you that you have worth or no worth as a member of society. However, if you take a look at what is driving you to be successful or unsuccessful you have to realize that those opinions are not your own.

You can define yourself or you can let others define you. By letting go of the preconceived notions derived from the measures society places upon us and focusing our intent on spiritual growth and progressive exploration therein we bring into our world our own individualized concept of self worth.

There is a process of changing our attitudes toward ourselves that can bring about a periodic level of inner peace and tranquility. We all would like to obtain it, however, most of us do not pay close enough attention to our spiritual growth to allow for inner peace to truly take hold of us and fulfill our lives. When we allow others to place undue limitations upon us we are giving them the power to alter our state of wellbeing, which is what self worth is all about in the first place.

This is not to say that we should ignore our friends, colleagues and relatives opinions, rather that we should take the time to understand that we do not need to take that within us. It is only through rationalization of our own opinion of self and striving to become a better “me” that we can eliminate the negative forces in our life. It is time to become the change we wish to see in others. You cannot expect to change your life for the better if you are perpetually devaluing your contribution to it. You must accept your divinity and nourish that spark in order to attain inner peace.

Truth… it is a personal understanding of your own reality.