Holiday cheer and being grand

holiday grandBe grand… everyday.

During the holiday season many of us are invited to parties, get-togethers, plays, opera, seasonal events and soirees. We may have opportunities to get dressed to the nines, wearing our most festive fashions. Often times “our best” things are saved away for “special occasions” then quickly put away until we feel the event is up to par with our best stuff. We tend to savor certain material items and objects for fear of looking out of place, or perhaps even using them up or wearing them out.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that when we take the time to make that special effort to look great we feel great! Not that it has to be a sequined Dior original gown, or a Pierre Cardin suit, but sprucing up ourselves, our surroundings and our lives may just help keep one in an active state of their “now” and create a lighter, brighter and fresher moment.

Take a look in your closet, your drawers, cupboards, and shelves. Put out your best dishes and silver, drink your green tea out of your most expensive champagne flute, grab your nicest garments, place that “once in awhile” necklace around your neck, and use your very best right now for that most important person, your self. Clean and un-clutter your home, then do the same with your heart and your mind. Keep only the very best that serves you optimally.

Go ahead and be flamboyant, exuberant, confident, and stylish! In your dress, attitude and personality… go for the gusto and know that you have the capability to reinvent yourself each and every morning. How awesome is that?   😀

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