How to Connect to Spirit

connect to spiritBe open to spirit & be ready to connect.

How to be open and connect to your spirit loved ones.

Believe it or not, you are as much spirit now as you have ever been or will ever be. The difference is that you are currently residing in a physical body, on planet earth, and prior to and after this lifetime you are not. That being said, I will let you in on a little secret… it does not take years of classes, hundreds of hours sitting in circle, or massive study on the “claries” or your guides to connect with and communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world! That’s right, you can decide to begin your unfoldment and open to your spirit loved ones right now.

It will take three fundamental things to begin and to become successful:

  1. Desire
  2. Commitment
  3. Trust

With a heartfelt an earnest desire to connect and communicate with spirit you are enabling a path to form from love and authenticity. The true desire because you miss and love them, not because your ego wants you to be able to talk to dead people.

Your commitment to train yourself to open up to and use this innate ability is necessary to create a solid foundation. This is not something one can just mess around with once in awhile. Like anything else, you need to devote time and practice to it.

This is important. In order to develop a good connection and relationship with your spirit loved ones you have to trust that they are there, and know that what you are receiving is in fact happening. You can’t have a good relationship with a friend or family member here on earth without trust and nothing changes when you are working with them now that they are out of their physical bodies. Trust is trust.

 While sitting still and being quiet, invited a loved one to join you and expect them to show up. Notice everything, colors, sounds, smells, every nuance. It may be subtle during your first many attempts, or they may come in loud and clear. The key is to be aware and to set aside a time daily to practice.

This is for personal connections and communication. I believe we can all learn to do this.  It is spirit to spirit contact for your own and your spirit loved ones benefit.  This is different than development for professional mediumship. The key elements are the same but the process and level of practice is different. Professional mediumship is not only a practice but a lifestyle of which most people do not need to learn.

So enjoy your connections with your loved ones. Your loved ones will enjoy it as much as you do and through this ability much will unfold in your life for the better.

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