How to love and be loving

how to love and be lovedHow many people know that you love them? Do people feel loved when they are around you or think of you? Perhaps the greatest gift we can give another and ourself is to exude that powerful and all encompassing feeling of love. If I were to die in this moment my greatest joy and life accomplishment would be to know that my family and friends felt deeply loved.

Since this is important to me, and perhaps to you, I must make sure that I create it, in the here and now, as beyond that there is nothing. Let me examine what makes me feel loved so then I will have a terrific idea of how to be loving. I feel loved when someone listens to me enthusiastically, when someone looks me directly in my eyes as they speak to me. I can feel the love when another wants to share their time with me and when they let me know they are thinking of me through a call, an email or text. Sometimes I sense love from another simply by being near them… that energy that just feels like love! That connection that does not need words or actions as it is on a different level altogether. When someone cares about my well being… now that is love!

So love seems pretty easy to find and experience doesn’t it. Love involves being loving and lovable… be open as it is the natural flow of the universe. Love is something that happens without effort, uncontrived, and is spontaneous… when we put ourselves in the path of it. It seems to me that all we really have to do to feel loved and attract love is show up for it and allow it to be.  It is only when one feels that they must obtain love, struggle to find it or keep it, treat it like something that they must place boundaries and perimeters on that the natural occurrence may be interrupted of blocked. We can not claim and box up love less it fades or gets complicated. Love is pure and simple with no expectations of outcome or restrictions.We can not “own” love, we “are” love.  Love IS.

So in order to feel loved I must be loving and live from the heart as love. To love fully and without complication we should view and live our lives from our heart center, our core being, and not our mind. Allow the exchange of love to happen as you set the intention in each moment, “I AM love.” I have been intentionally doing a simple practice for a few years now that a dear friend shared with me. Before I enter a room or any space I close my eyes for a moment and go inward. I then focus on my heart center – that entire area where your physical heart resides, and purposefully direct this energy “I open my heart to everyone in the room and I will exude pure love.” This one simple intention will not only change the energy in the room, it will change the way you feel and interact with everyone you encounter. It works… try it.

So as I continue on this life journey I shall aspire to leave those I have had the privilege to know feeling lovable and loved. I am also inspired to help those that do not allow that natural flow of love become unblocked and receptive. Love is a wonderful and natural occurrence. Make that effort to give it and receive it.


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