How to UNlearn and Be Authentic

live life do not judgeI could care less… but I don’t, I care a lot.

I am one of those people that throughout life has always sided with the so called “under-dog”, you know, the person that everyone else teased, the one that was different, and the person that was seen as a misfit, freak or outcast by some in society. And then of course all those that are innocent, the small children,  animals, and creatures  of our world that often times need a voice to step in because they are simply not able to.  From childhood, I would have drug home every “stray” animal or human if I could have gotten away with it, I think I did more than a few times!

So why would I naturally gravitate in this direction? Perhaps it was the way it made my heart feel bruised as I could not stand by and observe others being treated poorly, maybe it was a desire to “rescue & retrieve” or it may just have been an unlearned emotional response to what I somehow KNEW was the “right” thing to thing to feel or do. I think it is innate in all of us to be kind, loving and amazing human beings born with a connection to all other living things, people, animals, and nature.  We all can learn to allow all others to live their unique expressions of being and embrace that with our hearts. Living from the heart and not the head is a wonderful approach to living.

I believe that all people  start out as divine and perfect little bundles of possibilities and potentialities… equal and ready to create all kinds of interesting moments and experiences. Yes I did say equal, though I know that some will disagree as they may feel that those born into poverty, lacking family, or born with physical or mental differences do not have an equal opportunity for a “great” life. Those things are merely things, circumstances and conditions which may create a different set of challenges and opportunities, and it certainly may produce all kinds of labels and judgments that may be bestowed upon them from others who decide to do such. However, if we are all here right now doing this exceptional dance called life and we decide NOT to punish others with our own self-created ideas of limitations, then YES, we are all perfect expressions or pure energy.

How do we UN-learn what we have taken in by other people, the media, and society at large? How do we wash off the ideas that do not serve us or those in our lives and clean up our perceptions and self-created attitudes towards others and ourselves? Can we just jump in full force and start living consciously from this thought onwards? I believe the answer is YES as we actually create every moment and that is all there is. So right now, as you are reading this, actively decide to bring a new way of being into your being. Stop and say to yourself “I will have only the best intention and thoughts for others and myself” and then live in your words. If you find yourself thinking an OLD thought, or perceiving someone or a situation in an old way, simply stop, breathe, smile and do it differently.

As we are all bundles of limitless energy in different sizes, shapes, colours, and desires… we all do have the ability to perceive our increments of time in whatever fashion we allow ourselves to manifest it.  Creating a day, a week, a month or your lifetime with a loving heart and an expansive mind is simply a decision you make, and we all continue to make those decisions and decide exactly how we will react to them every moment we are in this earth suit and making this life experience. So toss OUT ALL that you have learned from others, from books, words, teachers, clergy, and  the media, that does not serve self or others, and take IN ALL that resonates with your beautiful heart, your true and limitless, conscious loving  being… the YOU that is authentically YOU.