How Vibrational Healing Works

The human body contains a flow of energy known in many cultures by many names; the Chinese call it Chi’, in Hebrew it is referred to as Ruach, India it is known as Prana, Islamic countries call it Barraka, the Japanese call it Ki’, some Native Americans call it Orenda, in Polynesia it is known as Mana.

Regardless of what you call it. The human body contains a flow of energy that regulates its state of wellbeing. Each of us has within them the power to alter or control this flow in order to maintain health. When our flow of energy is altered by stress, anxiety or any other negative emotion the body reacts and dis-ease takes hold. Our body becomes ill as the level of energy decreases. Any number of ailments can occur, from a simple cold to a deep depression.

Through Vibrational Healing the flow of energy is altered in the recipient to promote a state of wellbeing. The body of a Vibrational Healer is a finely tuned instrument. It is trained to raise the vibration of those who have, through their life experience, become stagnate or lowered in vibration to produce an ailment or a dis-ease. An energy flow takes hold which promotes a rise in positive energy of the recipient, alleviating dis-ease, pain, discomfort and stress. It is a mutually beneficial experience in which both Healer, and Healed raise their vibration to promote a positive physical state of wellbeing.