Amidst the distant ignorance of the past, the darkness is become illumine. Out of the caves and into the light comes understanding. We, as a people, have put our faith in the words written by those who first lit the torch in the darkness. We have listened to the shaman, the elders for they knew the most, and held them responsible for teaching the youth. All the while ignoring what they were teaching, and in time, the wisdom is gone as their soul passed into that of spirit. Only now are we beginning to hear the wisdom return from beyond the darkness of ignorance.

Our place in the world is transient. Our essence is but a glimpse into a finite space of an illusion called time and our body is the vehicle that carries the soul toward the shutting of the eye.

We sent out the wise to search for understanding, to search for meaning to our life as we became content to wait for the answer. Along the path to illumination we have forgotten that one part which is most vital: We must experience the world and find our own answers.

“Only through the wince of pain doeth the soul it’s toil.”

We have sent them out to search for God, and we have patiently sat by the wayside anticipating their every word and every new idea. We have learned that someone from the distant past has found comfort in the words of someone else. They have taught us that this is this and that is that, instead of finding our answers for ourselves. For science too has been sent on this very quest to find reason, to prove or disprove, to illuminate or eliminate the existence of God or to define and quantify the concept. And it has… only now do we start to realize the truth was always held deep within us.

So we find in the interim that life is about lessons. Lessons are learned from experience and life on earth is here for us to experience, to learn from and to grow within. It is a place created out of an instant. It is now, and it is only now. There is no past for it decays with time, there is no future for it has not come to be, and it, being our life… simply is. We have been endowed with memory to teach our soul of change. It is our responsibility to remember, but not to live in the past or dwell in a cave of darkness. There is light from within placed here to illuminate our life… to give us nutrition for our temporary physical state. A place of matter is the earth; the physical realm cannot remain in a singular state forever, for all that is physical decays into the past. It is only the illuminated soul that is eternal. It is the metaphysical, that which is above the physical which is eternal. Science tells us that energy can neither be destroyed nor created… it simply is. It can only transform, thus is not the soul the energy that powers our physical form? It too can neither be created nor destroyed… it simply is.  It can only transform. These places that we go where we hear what those that came before us have said have been saying the same thing for far too long. We have not learned the lessons for ourselves. The stories have become immaterial, in that they no longer hold their meaning. The concepts have fallen by the wayside; they are decaying into the past. The metaphor has no form, for the world that created them too, has decayed into the past.

These lessons they have not taught which we have discerned for ourselves show us that we are eternal, that we transcend the death of the physical and of the decay of the body. And upon that transition we again become beings of light. We return to the metaphysical only to transform into the culmination of what we have learned from our life experience on earth. And we depart the physical and forever grow beyond its limits. We take with us our experience and share that with source, with that which we have come to call God so that the it too is transformed. Transcendence…

As we have grown as a species in life, so is our essence transformed in death. As the soul, the spark, the essence of the individual is not lost, it is enshrined within eternity and thusly exists forever. Ether fuels the physical and just as this ether is energy, ether cannot be created nor destroyed, reincarnation… or the perpetual recycling of the soul, fuels our body. Therefore the lessons of the lives we have had manifests in our now. We learn, and as a species we experience the clarity of the many facets of this diamond called life… and through this experience we evolve

As evolution of the physical is intertwined with the evolution of consciousness, rather of the spirit, the evolution of thought must evolve as well. The lessons we carry in life and the wisdom we carry about the change that happens upon death are intertwined.