Instant Medium, just add $20.

Instant-GratificationI look around and I see classes galore where you can come learn to be a medium in just a few short hours and be working your trade making as much as someone with decades of experience. How is this possible?

Mediums like Mavis Pittilla, James Van Praagh and Shanna Spalding St. Clair, who have been doing this for decades, are up in arms with Instant Mediums tarnishing the trade. To become a professional medium charging money for their work, should take more than a few classes with a mediocre medium. I’ve seen it happen, “right here in River City”. Though I have only been working as a professional medium myself for fewer than four years, I too find I am a bit perturbed by the idea that someone can attend a few classes and suddenly become a working professional medium.

Though I have been seeing spirit for most of my life, I have only recently been able to successfully, with consistently, achieve a level of communication that I feel warrants my considering myself a “Professional Medium.” I have been reading peoples living aura for decades in the form of psychic readings, and am now able to apply that same level of eloquence to my spirit communication. It has taken much daily practice, study, and intensive practical application in a regular committed mediumship circle under the mentorship of another professional medium for me to get to the point where I feel I can accept money for my services.

So how then is it that these classes going on around the country are producing mediums in just a few mere hours? I find that much of what is being taught, is not actual verifiable mediumship at all. Most of the readings that I have seen produced by this kind of training are what I was taught are called “cold readings.” A cold reading is a series of questions and leading vague remarks that give the illusion of spirit communication without actually having any kind of connection what so ever. Verification for me has always been easy as I can see when someone has a connection; I see the spirit, the spirit guide, and the energy of the individual giving the reading. If I see someone who is actually communicating with spirit… I see a spirit near the person and not a group of spirits in the background shaking their heads in disbelief.

So how is it that these so called mediums are making money at it? Because the general public does not know that they are being duped, anymore than the medium giving the reading knows that they are cold reading the sitter.

Developing this skill, it takes practice, a regular commitment and dialogue with spirit to produce a legitimate bridge between the worlds. The world of spirit is all around us, accessible and tangible, but becoming a real medium with the ability to see, hear and sense the presence of spirit takes not only an understanding of the process, but takes a level of conscious commitment to this sacred art.

I say sacred because it should be revered as such and not blatantly thrown around at psychic fairs for entertainment. Nor should people who do not revere it as such teach it. I say art, because it is just that… a skill that can be learned like any other. However, as with any art, it takes dedication and regular practice. Yes occasionally there occurs what are called progenies who seem to, by default, be able to communicate with the spirit world, but like Mozart, they are rare.

So if you find yourself attending a class where someone claims will have you up and working as a professional medium in a few short hours or days, I would approach it with a measure of caution, and bare in mind that not only is mediumship an art, but so is deception.