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We are Intuitive by Nature

By Lori Marshal and Mark E. Sanders

We all possess an unwavering and reliable guidance system for our life that provides a clear and accurate direction; it’s called intuition and each of us has it. Intuition is generally defined as a direct perception of truth, fact, etc., which is independent of any reasoning process. Intuition it is often called, a “first impression”, a gut feeling”, or stated as “I just know”. It is your “6th sense”, ahunch, or the ability to access, process, and use information without logical, or analytical thinking.

Increasing your awareness of how you process your 5 physical senses strengthens your intuition. This is self-sensing or listening to your higher self, and is internal. Logic and reason are aspects of the mind, while intuition is an attribute of the soul. The human brain is segmented into two hemispheres. The left-brain works with logic, reason, and calculation, to do lists, problem solving, and replaying conversations. It is the source of inner chatter that goes from waking to sleep for many. The right-brain is the location of intuition, emotions, senses, music, art, and creativity. You experience right-brain intuition when the left-brain takes a break.

Intuition is personal, it’s internal, IN-tuition is internal knowing. Intuition is contextual, in that it deals directly with your life situations. Your ability to access and process intuition is directly related to how you focus your intent and how you experience your life. If you are constantly stuck in left-brain mode, it is inherently difficult to hear the voice of the right-brain. Are you a visual person, a listener, or a feeler? Each of these is right-brain experience. It is a different voice than the left-brain chatter.

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