It’s a Wonderful Life

it's a wonderful lifeI simply and completely LOVE life… seriously, how could I not. I am alive, breathing, feeling, expressing and connecting with other people and living things…  of course I LOVE life. It IS a Wonderful Life! Last night I deliciously  heard the echos of thunder during a storm as I slept peacefully yet aware of the rain and energy in the atmosphere. Upon waking I had the pleasure and privilege of walking my beloved greyhound companion, Indra, down the sidewalks on the fringe of an alive city  that I love.. the sights, sounds, smells were sharp and clear after the nighttime rain. COFFEE, yes oh yes COFFEE. I prepared the sweet nectar of life strong and bold in the French press as I do every morning. Crankiness and “bleh” will pursue if the HOT liquid enhanced with dollops  of RAW organic Cocoa doesn’t touch my lips within 23.5 minutes of arising from my glorious bed! LIFE.. well yes, I love it. SO, I must fall into some form of “normalcy” and I scurry and clean up the things I did not bother with the previous day and then plant my ass on my chair to absorb the call of my COMPUTER… email – check, social networks+check, (geez.. feeling a bit bombarded!) TO DO list… hmm, I know damned well that I will only end up doing what I desire to do. LIFE… YES, it IS wonderful as I find it incredibly easy to meander through it with HUGE spurts & BURSTS of insight, FUN and passion making it all seem MORE than worth while!

I live downtown so the abrupt and possibly jarring yet interesting sounds of sirens, boisterous people to & fro, robust singers (Florida Studio Theater) loud swanky “I love my tunes & NEED to share with the world” oozing by and from pumped up autos, and the frequent LARGE heron, egret, or squirrel minding it’s own business & possibly trying to also make sense of it all are PART of the menagerie of LIFE that I love. LUNCH.. I find myself pondering what myself and the family shall consume on this day. We are FOREVER vegetarians,  and newly decided VEGANS, so I find the whole FOOD thing of particular interest. I have grown to actually LOVE preparing and eating food. I find it personal, important, and sensory. What I eat either enriches or drains me and I am becoming clever at NOT participating in the later = draining. I LOVE being VEGAN as I am a compassionate and empathetic SOUL.

I LOVE my Wonderful Life and am possibly certain it is NOT what should have, could have been expected as a happy form of reality. I have CRAZY.. I have UNbelievable, I have shocking. I have an odd and ridiculous assortment of tales to tell and live and exist in… how awesome it that. I also sleep and dream and AM just alive as is all.

Create, I must CREATE! So many ideas pushing me into trying to FOCUS on what FEELS like the way to go, to be. Perhaps I am one of the original “should have” been diagnosed ADD or ADHD as my wonderful mind is most often bursting with visions, ideas, and AMAZING things!  Sometimes my head swims and bounces around with a frenzified need to do.. and then it rests and breathes and is. I like the contrast. I have always liked contrast and contradiction and anything/everything outside THE BOX. A rebel in my own mind. So now I create. AND… I expand my-“self” and touch other energetic conscious forms. Yes, I AM consciousness, as are YOU and all that has ever been… continues. THUS the Continuity of Life.
I like to take naps. I like to take photos. I like to do whatever I feel I desire to do in the moment that I am in. I like to touch hearts and lives and EMBRACE all that IS.  IMPORTANT. LIFE is wonderful and grand in all that it is. 

LAVISHLY = to expend or give in great amounts or without limits. YES – to LIVE  & LOVE lavishly works well within my mind.  WITHOUT LIMIT…  free oneself of limit. i like that. Perhaps we shall KISS more and touch more. Laugh or cry hugely. Create and express without reservation. TO BE LAVISH!!!! To BE and to LOVE and to LEARNwithout limitations.

and.. i shall play an be in another realm of consciousness called slumber and experience ALL in every possible way… and thankfully so.

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