June Newsletter

create your lifeWhatever you want to create in life…

Become  your true expression

Moment by moment, as there is NO time, we have the opportunity to create what we really desire… that moment of our authentic expression of self. Our deepest desires, beliefs, yearnings. That need we all have to make a mark on this thing called life… to matter. To know that what we think, feel and believe has a desire to be heard and taken into the depths of another being. We sing out, we shout, or we refrain from being noticed, all depending on our personality, our sense of self. Whether we are quiet or flamboyant, subdued or bold, we have this passion to connect and express on some level, some level that makes the “us” have meaning. 

What if we threw caution to the wind (where it belongs) and made the conscious choice to play and frolic as when we were adventurous and free spirited children? What if we ran wildly in the rain, stopped to smell the roses and blushed like a school kid when something tickled our fancy? I suspect we would end the day feeling FULL and blissfully exhausted from the sheer joy of it all! Allow your true essence, your spirit to fully embrace this life experience. 

Go ahead, colour outside of the lines, get messy, exude your true expression. Paint your moments in a vivid and limitless array of pure expression. Open to the power of YOU and take some moments to observe how splendid and extraordinary YOU really are!

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