Kickstart your Life!

Is your life flowing in the direction you desire?
Is your heart full of love and abundance?

Are the majority of your moments filled with joy and meaning?
YOU do create your life story every day & in every way.

The time is always NOW… do you need to re-write your story?

Sit with yourself for awhile and get clear on who you are & what you desire. What and WHO is important? If TODAY was your LAST day on earth… what would you be doing. Sit and dream, flow and create… get CLEAR, and when you are ready… let’s talk about it!

Life Purpose Coaching Sarasota

Kickstart Your Life Special

For a limited time we’re offering you an opportunity to Kickstart Your Life!

January through March 2016 we’re offering intuitive life purpose coaching to kick off your New Year and empower you to embrace your NOW  for just $1 a minute.

We can work with you as a couple via Skype, Facebook Video 0r phone,

Schedule from 15 and 40 minutes at just $1 a minute! Just select morning, afternoon, or evening and your desired day M-S), then pay for the amount of time you want and you preferred method of contact at the form on the right.

We will contact you with the exact time and date confirming our time together.

Then YOU will contact US when it is time (EST) for our session unless otherwise desired.

One Dollar a Minute
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Contact Info for Kickstart

Skype Name =
Phone = 941-312-4549
Facebook = LoriMarshallMedium

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