Kindness is Created in Our Hearts

always be kind

Always be kind

Kindness is created in our hearts from the moment we are born, from the way our families respond to us as children, from what we are taught in our schools and neighborhoods. We come into this world being KIND, loving, trusting and courageous. What happens after that is a montage of our environment and how we choose to interpret and respond to our experiences. It is important to choose carefully who we bring into our hearts, who we listen to, what we put into our space and minds.

Only align with what you KNOW intuitively is good, positive and correct… for yourself, all others, and the planet. Embrace what makes your heart light up, grow warm and smile and pass that on to others. We have the personal responsibility of always being kind, in all that we do and on every level, from the small animal in the forest to the forest itself.

Live from the space of warmth, affection and  gentleness towards yourself and ALL that you encounter.

Except, expect, and emanate only kindness.

What random acts of kindness will you do on this day?


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