Life After Life?

I love it when I find wonderful new people and ideas in my email box! Today I found this wonderful Doctor Parisetti, his website and the above video from a great newsletter from Forever Family Foundation. I align with his thoughts and teaching perfectly. I will be purchasing his online course as it looks very valuable. Let me share a few of his thoughts that I paused to write down-

  1. Knowledge and understanding can transform the fear of death and heal the pain of loss.
  2. There is a part of pain connected with death that is UNavoidable. It’s an integral part of our experience as human beings.
  3. There is no religion, therapy or belief that can take that away.
  4. What can be Avoided is the FEAR of ceasing to exist, and that ultimate pain of thinking that the people that we love simply disappear.
  5. The finality of death is not real or consistent with the evidence we have, and have been collecting for hundreds of years.
  6. Think – study – reflect on what you have learned, STUDY and consider the evidence of life after life.

Brilliant! In my own thoughts and experience, the true purpose of Mediumship is to assist with practical help and support from communication with those in the spirit world.  To ultimately bring through Communication, Clarity, Comfort, Continuity and Closure for those here on earth in the physical and those that are now non-physical in the spiritual world.  Through this available connection and communication, we can assist in the understanding of dying, death and the afterlife to create a harmonious balance in the experience of being.

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