Love and Compassion

BudhaI completely enjoyed the “It is SO not about me!” talk that discussed the benefits of caring for others and how selfishness gets in the way of our happiness, last Friday evening at  Kadampa Meditation Center.

A few tidbits I absorbed I took in from the talk –  😀

1. Develop love & understanding.
2. External things can never bring extended happiness.
3. Understand how meaningful it is to care about others. Pets are mutually supportive.
4. Compassion is the seed to our enlightenment.
5. Focus on others – get over yourself.
6. Act upon your potential to love.
7. Empathy – do lots of gratitude meditations.
8. Our level of self-absorption determines our level of pain.
9. Our problems and our desires are NOT unique.
10. We have more in common than not, with ALL that we meet.
11. WHEN WE MEET OTHERS OR THINK OF OTHERS – “May you be happy” and “May you be free from pain and suffering.”
12. Activate the seeds – develop qualities from the inside out.
13. Train the mind – familiarity brings effortlessness.
14. Don’t live in lack – live in love.

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