Love and gratitude

love gratitude thanksLove & Gratitude

Gratitude is about appreciating the things you have in your life—everyday, and in every moment.

As a small child I remember thinking that everything just kind of happened or appeared. The food on our table, the home I lived in, the family car, my clothing. I pretty much lived moment to moment without giving these things any thought. Then as I grew up the realization that all the things in my life were being provided for me by my parents, from their hard work and their love for me and my sister! Now as an adult I have the opportunity to be the provider of  the necessities of life, and I do realize that it is an opportunity for which I am grateful.

I try to live each moment with the awareness that we absolutely create everything we have and that when we take the time to appreciate all that there is we naturally experience a fuller life, not only for ourselves, but for all those we have the fortune of being in contact with.

From today onwards, begin to value all the goodness, beauty, and love around you. This can be as majestic as a sunset or as simple as enjoying your favorite fruit. Listen intently to those that speak to you, hug hugely, and fully embrace and savour each and every moment that you have here.

Gratitude is a way of reaching back to your natural state of being which is happiness and joy!

I am grateful for you if you have just finished reading this article! Thanks! xoxo


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